Hong Kong Day 2 - 22nd Feb 2011

Going to update my second day at Hong Kong! So happy that friends keep update my travel posts. Fond of writing travel post recently. :D

Forgot to mention on Macau post, that we actually met a Hong Kong actor when we were checking in hotel. But at first I couldn't remember him, I thought he's familiar but maybe I've seen him in hometown? Aha, and till now I didn't know his name. :p

Speaking of Day 2, we got up late and managed to visit some places only. Something happened on that day and something is bothering me till now. But I guess everything is going to be fine, like I always say? :)

From MRT, and 15mins walking, then waiting for the peak tram to the peak!

While waiting for the peak tram.

Inside the peak tram.

Can you see Macdon'l road? I remembered there is Mcdonald island in this world. XD

It's like a roller coaster to me, except the speed is very slow.

Slanted view. I feel dizzy lol

Had our quick lunch at Hong Kong Day restaurant.

And we tried the famous 香港奶茶 Haha

Can you see the total price? It's freaking RM30++ for these!
Now that you know why I would say expense here is expensive but food is so-so?

Headed to Hong Kong's Madame Tussauds after that.

Nicole Kidman woots

There are introductions beside every celebrities

I reckon this is the one who looks not alike, Jay chou.

My idol! <3
Told you I'm gonna meet him Hehe

He's giving a speech and the guy beside Obama is somewhat annoying. :p

My shifu! XD


One of my favourites. ;)

We just watched his movie couple of days ago. :D

Water fans! XD

Just realized Lady Gaga is having same height as me and she's wearing a pair of damn-high heels!

Mom's idol

There is a ghost house inside the hall but I didn't dare to get in. :( Try it out if you dare for your visit. :)

Later on, went to the sky terrace of the peak. I think this is the most awesome place to see the view of Hong Kong. This is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong.

Mr D

Owing to the weather, we went down for staying not more than half an hour.

Too cold and I couldn't even stand! >.<

Waiting for the peak tram.

And our next destination!

Tung Lo Wan

Lovely hot chocolate to warm me up! <3

Can you see the signboard? Lan Kwai Fong is our final destination!

Mini hoegaarden

Our shot at Lan Kwai Fong.
This is what tourist always did. :)

Take away pizza

This is just a slice! Luckily I didn't order a pizza.

Try out famous 咖喱鱼丸. I don't likey! >.<

Back to hotel.

Saw a lovely notice from hotel management. :)


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