Hong Kong Day 3 - 23rd Feb 2011

Last day of our trip and we just couldn't drag ourselves away! Was thinking to extend our trip but our thin wallets didn't allow us to do so! :(

So the last day we went to Hong Kong Disneyland of course! How could any of tourist misses it? Luckily we didn't take cab to there, the enjoyment in trains to there is a must for tourists! ;)

Seemed quite far from the map but it's not that far actually.
It is still ok for an impatient person like me. :p

Disney MRT


Hong Kong Disneyland!

Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.
You are entering FANTASYLAND

Chip and Dale!

We only able to capture photo with few Disney characters as every character has their super long queue and the last day is darn hot compared with other days! But the most terrible queue is Mickey and Minnie. Their fans even chase behind em wherever they go, I wonder what's the point they come to Disneyland. =.=

My request! Marry Go Round! 
My first time! XD

He's not willing to join at first.

Looked excited after that. :D

Guess what is this?
It is some kind of motion animation of toy story.
It's beautiful to see in person.




Entering the many adventures of Winnie The Pooh

I am excited. ;p




Sleeping beauty castle!


Mickey's PhilharMagic




Liki Tikis

Tarzan's Treehouse

Entering the adventure land

Spot something?

Crocodiles! @@

King Kong!




Festival of lion king

Hakuna matata!




Tomorrow land


Buzz Lightyear

I was like in the cartoon world!




Rosebullet outfit!


D suggested to go for the most exciting game after that. We searched on the map and went for space mountain. I was a lil frightened, seeing nobody queue-up when I entered the entrance. Alright, after the ride, I was feeling unwell and sit on the bench for half an hour. =.= Noobie!

Looked somewhat out of shape.


See, I was forcing myself to smile after the space mountain.


Waiting for MRT

The last destination wasTsim Sha Tsui again. Spent all the money over here!

Back to hotel

Last day of stay and another lovely notice. :)

My trip ends and looking forward for the next trip! Probably in the end of this year! ;)

Throughout the trip, I've gained knowledge and I'm perfectly willing to pay for another visit! Either Taiwan or Hong Kong, and of course Macau, there are so many things for us to learn from em. Despite the food in HK and the manner of people, overall I'm still impressed of what they have. I've actually lost weight after this trip, good thing tho. :) And Taiwan! I love Taiwanese people and their clothes are super cheap! I remembered it's cheaper than China's but my last visit of China was 12 years old. So maybe there may be a huge difference now. Who knows?

And I found something common in these two countries. They love animals! They love animal more than our country! I reckon that Malaysian should learn from em! Seriously! I want to be proud of my own country too. :)

I love travel! And love sharing all my stories to everyone! So I'm awaiting for my next trip! Still planning. Hehe. Backpack is somewhat hard for me, if you read my blog since last time, you would know I am a neat freak I can't stand any DIRT, must change!

Thanks for following my blog. I will keep update! ;)

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What's your opinion?

  1. i was so hapi when i was reading ur blog..
    becose i m goin to Hk sOon...excited..

  2. Really? Nowadays many ppl travel to tw and hk!

    Remember to research before the trip, would be more fun! ;)

  3. i was on disneyland hk a couple weeks ago, it's about june 24th i think. it's soooo crowded !! and the most thing i regret is that i didn't bought any souvenirs and i just took some pictures at the entrance. :(
    hope i could gone to disneyland again .. :(
    u pick the right time to go there. i saw ur pic and there's not a lot of people in there. feel free to capture a good moment,eh ? why don't you attend the fireworks ??
    i thought they had it every night at the castle.

  4. [cindy] - Awwww, you should pay a visit again! Yeah I didn't coz I didn't have much time to stay till night, everything was just too rush! Wish to go again >.<