Continue my next travel place after Taiwan, Macau!

So lazy and relaxed while waiting for the ferry to Macau.

So not get used to HK people's manners, especially when I just got there from Taiwan. I would say, if out of 100 rate for Taiwanese people and Hongkongers, T is 90 and H is 20.

My bag is darn heavy, so many things that have to put inside. :(

TurboJet, from that moment I knew that everything spend in HK would be very costly.

On board

The weather is so cold during that time, hardly get a nice view.

Tagging along all the time!

If I am not mistaken, the journey was around an hour. I thought I didn't have sea-sick but I was feeling dizzy when I was on board.

Reached our hotel, Emperor Hotel.

Dropped down our luggage, without wasting any time (it was evening already and leaving the next day), started our walk around Macau.

Due to the time, I think 大三巴牌坊 was the only travel spot we managed to visit in Macau.

From here you can see our next destination. ;)

Hello Casino Lisboa, too bad both of us don't like gambling. :p

Grand Lisboa, architecture is totally different.

Reminds me of S'pore's durian building, theatres on the bay, kind of look alike.

We gave a try for local famous food too.



That's all for Macau trip! Coming next, Hong Kong! ;D


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