Everything came so sudden. I had no enough time to absorb before it comes. I was still watching at her and gave her water and she was still watching at me a moment ago...

Received the news from vet when I was driving alone back to cyber, stopped by slim river's highway roadside, cried out loud...

'She lied.. She promised me to wait for me back again..' I keep shouting and crying on the phone with D.

Until now, I still thought that she was still here not long ago.. my pipi

My family was worried bout me at that time. Cause I was driving alone. Then I made a U-turn when I almost reach kl, back to hometown again. This journey was long, I cried all the way to home. Yeah, it was dangerous and I almost got accident but luckily I reached home safely.

Everyone is so sad...

Tomorrow I'm going to see her the last time. I tell myself that don't cry when I see her but I know I can't.

20th Sept is the saddest day I have ever had. My sec bro's girlfriend, her lil sister and husband met accident on penang bridge on the same day as well and died. Seriously, I hate September. The only days make me relieved are my beloved's bdays.

Pipi, can you hear me?
Are you happy now?
I have my 21st bday's wish in my mind already, although it hasn't reach.
I wish that you stay happily ever after in another world.
I will miss you forever..

Now that I know who does truly cares bout me
It will disappear in my mind forever.. I swear..

Thanks for everything D

What's your opinion?