God Bless PIPI

Today, I'm so unhappy.. Because I just got to know that, Pipi suffers from a disease, pyometra. And, it might be too late to cure. A tear rolled down my face after I heard what doctor said. I did many researches of this disease, pipi is having closed-pyometra. Surgery is needed but she is an eight-years-old dog.She can't even take this risk...

Pipi has been here in my life for around eight years. It ain't easy, yet full of happiness in my family. We love her, so much...

D came to my house, told my mom about the detail after we came back from penang's clinic. As I couldn't even tell, I am incapable of my weakness. My mom seemed so upset, so did brother.

Keep telling myself to stay strong, as Pipi needs me! She needs our support! 

Jun, do you see this? Can you pray for our Pipi? My readers, can you please pray for my lovely Pipi...?

We Love you PiPi!

What's your opinion?

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