Dear readers, stay up late to update Deep Escape again. Well, lots of things happened recently. But I know I'm strong enough to stand all of these as I have supports! <3

On Wednesday, Qi and I went to Sunway Pyramid, Puchong Neway karaoke after that. I have to say, I love the sound system over there!

This girl just got her new haircut and looked so adorable~ <3

On Friday, we went to town after her class. By the way, new fridge finally arrived our house! My owner is not bad. :p

Omg, Qi! I looked so tall! XD

Snowflake, pavilion

Met up with XinCi and her bf.

Went for a movie, City Under Siege. Nice movie! ;)

Today, I've finally pasted the wall stickers on my wall! Look so lovely now. Although I haven't paste it all.

Butterflies come out~

This was another piece, the biggest one. I spent lots of effort on this! Phewww

My holiday coming soon. And the days reaching soon as well. 


What's your opinion?

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