Shu Uemura

Having lil break while doing assignment. Here to keep my promise, I will post an item that I'm using right now, it's Shu Uemura depsea water facial mist.

I'm using rose one. Previously I was using Avene's and felt like wanna switch to other brand. Both of the functions are almost the same, to moisture and fresh up your time anytime because it's portable. I carry it in my bag everytime, spray on my face when I feel like my face is uncomfortable sometimes. I use it even on body too, when I don't feel like using oily lotion or body cream, this is my best friend.

Currently this facial mist comes out various types for consumers. There are eight herbal to choose, which I think rose flavour is the most decent one, for me.

Of the make-up remover, I'm using Shu Uemura's as well. Have to say that, I just can't stop buying this product once I used it! It's so perfect for me, Shu Uemura cleansing oil.

I'm kind of lazy girl, who doesn't want to spend more time on removing make-up. But I have to, especially my eyes. Take out the cotton, pour eye make-up remover on it, hold on eyes for 20 seconds........ Stop it! Now, I just only need to pump out five pumps then apply on my whole face, make-up removes easily.

The first one I have tried was high performance balancing cleansing oil. Now, white recovery brightening cleansing oil is the second I have bought. Choose the cleansing oil depends on your skin condition. You can ask the profession in the store.

Wanna know more about it? Please visit Shu Uemura's official website.

Will keep on update beauty stuff after my final. Stay tuned. <3

What's your opinion?

  1. LOLX!!
    I nvr heard about tis brand, looks nice.
    But hw about ur skincare products? =)
    Oso tis brand? =D

  2. Only make-up remover.
    will update for you soon girl. ;)