Dark Chocolate

A very good day to everyone. Feeling so sleepy right now but insisted to write a post before shut my engine down. :)

So I would still counted my days as lovely, even though many things happened. All I know is, there is one extra reason to make me smile, always. :)

Met up with the couple. Still lovely as usual. <3

Got her a belated bday prezzie. And she liked it! <3

Three crazy girls went out to sing in a sudden whim!

If you're in my facebook friendlist or following my twitter, you'll know I've changed my hair colour again into dark chocolate. Thanks to Liese again making my hair alive. ;)


Finally here's the new colour! <3

I gotta say, I like dark colour as well but this is not the colour I wanted yet. So, I will change my hair colour again as if my hair is still in healthy mode. ;D

Btw, I miss my family and my doggies so much. >_<


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