2011 Resolutions

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Viewing back 2010's resolutions, I wonder did I make it all upon those? Or should I say I ought to keep on those as it is still an undone one?

Time does flies, like in a blink of an eye. So many unpleasant things happened throughout this year, some were awful, and some were more than that.

First, was about my beloved pipi. I miss her all the time and dream of her often. Thanks God still sending her in my dreams even though I can't feel the warmth of hers, I can barely feel it myself through memories that I had with her. May Pipi rest in peace and us, family loves you always and forever. <3 <3 <3

Emotional problem came still secondly, my love life. Sometimes I mock at myself being so sarcastic, repeated same mistakes everytime after healing. But I've realized something, I love myself more than anyone, after all. :)

Of friendship, that I've somewhat realized that, one side's pay-out is not enough, even how hard it is. Do you agree? That I give out my heart and spill out, and one listens it silently, feel the same way like I do? That someone tells that do not trust on who and who and who, but turns out they're being so nice with em? That trying so hard to maintain the relationship, but one doesn't care at all? So sarcastic? Oh my, life is like that. Haha

My future, I think I need someone to guide me. Yet, in my mind, I know there's always a person that will truly influences me, the person is myself. So, I got to tell myself, "YOU CAN DO IT! NO REGRET!" :)

My resolutions for 2011? First comes in my mind is still my family. I wish that my family lives happily ever after, like fairy tale? Hehe. That's the one I gonna work out to get my wish. And, D and I? Hopefully tolerance remains to maintain the relationship and goes on peacefully.

I promised myself, will take good care of my doggies, and spend my time with em. I guess pipi also wish me to be like that? :)

Friendship? Just follow the feeling. Happy or not, I won't care. NO MORE.

And I, continue my belief, fight for what I want passionately and I CAN DO IT! ;D
Big girl turns to 21 adult very soon. ;)

What's your opinion?

  1. Wish u a happy n peaceful 2011~
    Going to turn 21yr, officially adult now.
    Studies, go for wat u really like. Relationship, learn from mistake as wat u said. Friendship, there is still one or two that treat you well as fren~ Family, I knew U know what to do.
    Dont give up easily in the brand new year!!!