21st Big Day

I'm officially 21 years old now, an adult girl. :) This year is kind of special for me, as I born in 21st January and I am 21 years old this year. Woot!

On my birthday eve, threw a birthday bash at my house and you know what, I had been busying and planning these for such a long time! It's a relief to say that it's over now. :) 

Thanks for those friends who attending my party and those who sending wishes on my fb, I really appreciate a lot! But I realized that out of 3k friends I have only 1k friends wished me on fb. Hmmmm, it's time to put hard on removing people out of my friend list.

Everyone knows, ain't easy to throw a party especially when some adult who thought that we were not old enough to deal business with him, yes I'm talking about my previous EVENT PLANNER. Punctuality and keep your words are the conditions, at least for me, this lil girl to you? You might saying this time you would only lose 3k something but I ensure you, in the future you might losing more than 10k money because of your IRRESPONSIBILITY. 

As for friends, some friends couldn't make it to my party. Actually there were not more than 10, but to be honest, I was kind of disappointed of em. That I mentioned before, I treat em as true friends, I didn't mind if they are coming or not. But they didn't even call me. That I thought I was putting so hard on their birthday or whatever but mine? Haha Oh yeah, those friends who came all the way from kampar, kl, penang, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ;)

Alright, speaking of my birthday bash, will blog on the next post as I haven't get the pictures from my photographer of  that day, which is my bro's friend as well, Allan. Thank you very much, willing to spend your time on that day. :) I'm gonna blog about my birthday anyway. ;) Still, would like to share with you my birthday cake of the party. 

<3 <3 <3

Thank you for all the presents and angpaos, I like it! ;)

On my big day, celebrated with my boyfie, Mr D. 

Fyi, my tattoo is temporary one. ;p

Checked in Hard Rock Hotel, Penang.

Lagoon Deluxe 

Night, dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.

Surprise from him! Suddenly music stopped and waiter with mic called my name, asked me to stand on the chair. Then everyone sang birthday song for me. <3 <3 <3

Sweet Bday <3

Then, we walked to the market all the way from Hard Rock and took a ride back to the hotel.

I am not a tourist so 30 considered super expensive! lol

Waiting for traffic! ;)

Back to the hotel.

In pyjamas, drinking, playing cards, chit-chatting at the pool side <3

On the next day, a movie, homecoming. Back to home sweet home. <3


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