21st Birthday Bash

Alright, time to blog about my 21st birthday bash which was organized at my house on my birthday eve, 20th January, 2010. :)

Less words more pictures easier to tell the story. ;)

Big thank Louis for the decoration! ;)

Mr D <3

My second bro

My big bro, they said we look more alike :p

 Weiwern, Hongyin, Tyng, Ziling, Kiam & Junting

Winnie, Tyng, Jun, Theing & Shuying

Mao, Kai & Kiam

Chuan, Fei & Yongkang

Junting, Ziling, Shuyi, Tyng, Hongyin & Elly

Penangites, YeeEn, TingEn, KahKeong and John

WeiChoon, Yiwen, Xiaohui, Vone, Jocin & her bf

Bottoms up!

Bros' friends

Vin, bro & Alex


Another Tyng


Kimberly and her husband

Time to blow the candles! 

 Big thank to May Flower Bakery! ;)





 As I promised and swore to God, my first wish is reserved for my dearest Pipi <3 <3 <3

Group Pictures!

 Have you noticed all are in black? Dress code of my party ;)

 Bro's gang!

 My photographer of the day, Allan. Heartfelt Thanks! ;)

Maomao also attended my party! <3 <3 <3


 Fooling around with the firework candle! Heh

I am still a poor drinker X)

The end of the party

There are still lots of pictures and I've uploaded on my fb. 

Thanks Wing and Anffi for the belated pressie and Shuyi as well. Shuyi's pressie was hand-made one! So sweet of her! >.< 

And not to forget thanks mom for the Tiffany & Co Heart tag key necklace! <3 <3 <3


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