Thread Lift? A Younger and Smaller Face!

How to achieve a smaller and younger V face? Did you realise nowadays sagging skin makes you look much older than your actual age? I believe a lot of people would want to find out this. 

Earlier in January, I did thread lift at Me Clinic, Berjaya Times Square. All pictures are taken in January and February.

What is thread lift? 

First of all, thread lifting is non-surgical face lift with threads. Thread lift is a procedure done by injections to rejuvenate and improve the structure of the face. Specialised threads are used during the thread lift, introduced into the skin with a very fine needle to lift the desired sagging parts. It's less invasive and has minimal painfulness.

How long does Thread Lift lasts?

Thread lift gives instant result after the procedure, and the result can lasts up to 1 to 2 years. Optimal result can be seen in 1-2 months.

Is Thread Lift painful?

I would say it's bearable because an anaesthesia injection would be given before the procedure. If you ask for my opinion, I would say 3D eyebrow embroidery is much more painful than thread lift haha!

Is Thread Lift scary?

Err, this is the common question I've been asked by my friends. I wouldn't use scary to describe thread lift because it's not scary, I don't see any blood or hear any scary sound. It was very quick, around 20-30 mins and done! So you can take your lunch hour to get the procedure and back to office without noticing by people.

I thought Thread Lift is for old people only?

This thread lift I did is less invasive and less severe compared with the one for older people. Because it has no bruising and swelling after the procedure, this is why it's suitable for younger generation like us, who want to have a younger look due to our city habits that caused our skin looks older. 

Before Thread Lift

After Thread Lift

The result is visibly seen, the after photo was taken 2 weeks after the procedure. You can see the nasolabial fold (also known as laugh line) reduced much! Of course my face is more V and sharper.

After Thread Lift procedure?

I remembered that time after procedure, my face was super tight, no bruising nor swelling on my face, just the tightness I felt after procedure. However Doctor said it depends on personal condition, so I guess mine considered great because it doesn't look like I just did something! Doctor David asked me not to do extreme expression for 2 weeks, and actually the tightness would makes you lazy to talk too.

The effect is good and my face looks younger and sharper hehe.

The reason why I blog about this after 6 months is even now in July, still can tell that the effect remains.

You can also read Doctor David's blog to know more about thread lift.

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