Doctorcos Mask | Which One is Original Doctorcos?

It becomes a common thing to purchase skin care through online. Most of the skin care that we couldn't get in Malaysia can easily get it from online shops. A lot of online shops are selling the same skin care products, frankly speaking we do not even know which one is selling the authentic one. So be a smart online buyer and knows how to differentiate the authentic one. 

Today I would like to share to you one of my favourite mask, Doctorcos Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask Advanced which I've got from Sapphire218

Benefits of Doctorcos (7 in 1 system)
  • Moisturising
  • Mask
  • Sleeping Mask
  • Nutrition Cream
  • Firming Skin
  • Minimising Pores
  • Whitening

It has 7 in 1 benefits, which is super convenient to me, one bottle can provides so many benefits. Another thing I like about this mask is it doesn't feel sticky at all and it blends into skin quickly once you apply. My dearies recommended it to me and I use it as a sleeping mask every other night. I can tell the difference even the next day I woke up for the first time used. 


Do you know there is fake Doctorcos mask selling out there? Do you know how to tell which one is fake or original?

It's not hard to differentiate the fake and the original Doctorcos. Basically there are 4 differences that you need to be cautious of, printing, packaging, wording colour as well as texture/scent


The words on the box of the fake Doctorcos are lesser and simpler than the original one. If you do not know how to read Korean (neither do I), you can check out the right bottom digits printing.

Inside of the box packaging also shows the difference of the fake and original one. Original one has logo printing while fake one does not have it.


Doctorcos bottle itself also has a huge difference between fake and original one. Fake Doctorcos has lighter and greyish wording colour while original one has darker wording colour.

Same as the box, behind of the bottle also lesser printing compared with the original one.

Look at the bottom of the bottle, there are a serial number and manufactured date stated. Fake one does not have it.

For the original Doctorcos, the lid has a rounded opening compared with the fake one.


You can tell the difference between original Doctorcos and fake Doctorcos.
Original one has thicker texture and more densed while fake one is more watery and less densed.
The scent of the fake Doctorcos smells exactly like a fragrant scent. Though original Doctorcos has a good scent but it definitely did not smell like a fragrance.

Basically, fake Doctorcos is lazier and simpler in terms of packaging and printing than the original one. 

Our skin is very fragile and we have to take care of our skin. I wouldn't want to apply a fake product on my skin. 

After two weeks of using...

I can tell that my skin texture is smoother and the scaling part reduced. Because my scaling part (nose wings) comes back often, so it's best to use it if I want to apply concealer on the nose wings area. I usually apply more on the scaling part. Also, I realised my skin condition is very good on the next day I wake up every time I use it as sleeping mask. I genuinely like Doctorcos because of the non-sticky texture too! 


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For more information, visit their website.

Instagram: @Sapphire218

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What's your opinion?

  1. ive already buy it from sapphire218...but i can't recognize if it original or not...because:
    1) does not have it.the serial number and manufactured date stated.
    2) has lighter and greyish wording colour .
    3) the right bottom does not have digits printing.

    1. Hi ladyaufa, so sorry to hear about that! I think there must be an misunderstanding, I think you should check with Sapphire218 team and let them handle it. Hope your problem solves! :)