It's All About Summer! BANDI Nail Launch

Anyone love pretty nail arts and willing to spend hours at the nail salons just for the beautiful nails? (both hands up!) I enjoy during the moment the nail expert drawing the nail art for me, it makes me very excited for the outcome and to see the beautiful designs on my nails! Last week, I was honoured to be invited to the launching of the Korean's well-known Nail Colour and Nail care Products, BANDI. 

BANDI is No.1 professional nail brand in Korea which emphasises environmental friendly concept and presents naturally simple yet vivid colours and nail art.

During the launch, models dressed in Khoon Hooi's amazing outfits, showcasing BANDI's stunning and eye-catching nail arts.

BANDI has few core lines, Gelique, DIA Stone Gel, Nail Lacquer and Switual Hand and Foot Spa series.

BANDI Gelique is a gelish colour which consists of 109 gel shades available in Malaysia, the colour cured by LED lamp and transform your Gel Colour in just 30 seconds, and it lasts for 3 weeks! I love Gelique because it does not require drying time and easy removal for a careless person like me!

BANDI Nail Lacquer which inspired by the latest fashion, contains "Silica Alumina", a French patented technology special ingredients to shorten the drying time, prolong the effect and retain the high gloss finishes. They have more than 200 amazing colour hues!

BANDI DIA Stone Gel has 47 shades in Malaysia, gives you the glittery and glossy effect!

Nail service is provided for all the guests.

Besides, BANDI also has their Hand and Foot Spa treatment which give our skin a visibly smooth and invigorated effect.

Ms Lee Eun Kyung, Education Team Manager & Art Director, was invited to demonstrate her skill to the guests.

Photo time with the beautiful ladies on the launch.

So happy that now I can have more colours to choose from for my summer! 

BANDI products are available at major nail salons, hair salons, spa centres, and beauty salons in Malaysia! 

Thank you for the amazing afternoon! xx

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Instagram: @bandimalaysia

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