Triumph Magic Wire

Every time when I get back to home after work, the first thing I would do is whip off my bra, any lady has the same thought as me? Just like work stress, I just want to get rid of it (including uncomfortable bra) when I get home. There are reasons why we still choose wired-bra even it’s not comfortable, right? Few weeks go, got to know that Triumph has something that I have been wanting, immediately I went for a bra fitting for myself.

Have been a loyal fan of Triumph since young, I am always impressed with their innovation, this time they came out with something different, Magic Wire.

What is Magic Wire?

Magic wire gives you a full support of an under wire bra, yet the feel of none (discomfort, redness, constant fiddling, etc), making it possible to create the ultimate sensual cleavage in maximum comfort.

Yup! Experience the “no wire” sensation but still lift and a good shape!

Magic wire gives

·      Soft, flexible built-in support
·      Extreme comfort freedom to move
·      Memory cushion for perfect fit
·      Amazing support of a wire with the feel of none

It’s my most favorite one so far!

Apart from Magic Wire, which is part of Triumph’s superb Maximizer Magic Collection, they have other best-ever cleavage stars including Soft Cushion, Aqua, and Cleavage on Demand.

Soft Cushion

Features memory cushions, made from malleable memory foam which lifts and shapes the bust.


Aqua is one of the best selling item, can actually increase the bust volume noticeably by up to two cup sizes!

Cleavage on Demand

I like the ribbon style of this series, that puts you in control of your cleavage, letting you adjust it in a few seconds, taking things from ooooh to wow in a flash!

I like their Body Make-up too, it’s seamless and easily fit for white clothing.

Got myself 3 sets of bras from Maximizer collection after the fitting!

How I match my Maximizer bras with different styles.

In conjunction with the 20 Years of Maximizer Magic in Asia, Triumph Malaysia is running a  20 Years of Maximizer Magic contest! Don’t forget to check it out! (

A special treat for you!

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Triumph Magic Wire collection available at:

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