Tokyo Vlog

I missed everything in Tokyo so badly, missing the travel life.. missing the moments that I can literally enjoy the beautiful scenes and walking on the streets. Apology for the less update again, it's been a real busy month for me, my graduation just passed, I started my full-time job in March, etc.. But, the passion towards blogging never ends. Nothing would stop me from blogging, so pleasseeeeeee, have faith in me and keep reading! :')

Anyway, I've made my very first travel vlog! Have to admit that I have missed out a lot of best parts in the trip because I am still not used to record it down. But no worries, I've captured all the best moments! Can't wait to share more with you!

What's your opinion?

  1. So pretty ^^ May I know what software you use to edit the video?

    1. Hi dear, I am using iMovie to edit the video :)