Underground Société | Bandar Sunway

Exploring a good cafe is always in our to-do-list, there are many cafes have yet to be discovered! We had another girls' outing few weeks ago, managed to catch up with all the girls while enjoying great food in a nicely decorated cafe, Underground Société (US) which located at Bandar Sunway. If you've tried Garage 51 and Coffee Société before, both of the cafes are under the same team but using different concepts. Garage 51 serves mainly on brunch menu, Coffee Société emphasizes on coffee, while Underground Société provides more to exquisite meals. I am surprised 3 of the cafes are having different concepts of interior design as well!

I love how they implement wood elements and lighting in US. Its contemporary yet hint of industrial vibes and natural textures. Most importantly, the ambiance of the cafe is very cozy!

I ordered hot chocolate for myself because of the menu's description HEHE.

Took a picture of Bobo's coffee, she ordered Black and White.

Here's come foodie time!

 Grilled Slipper Lobster Benedict w Roasted Pumpkin, Poached Eggs and Hollandaise on Muffin | RM28 

Egg Benedict is always one of the best options for a perfect brunch, they have added lobster to make the dish becomes more premium and flavoured. 

 Grilled Atlantic Salmon w German Spaetzle, Asparagus, thyme-boiled Quail Egg and Hollandaise | RM26

I was attracted by the presentation! Salmon is always my favourite dish, and they added German egg noodle, the dish is filling and scrumptious! 

 Scrambled Egg/ Fried Egg w US Tenderloin Minute Steak, Mushroom Casserole and Thin Sliced Onion Ring on Underground Bun | RM24

For the price like this, I would definitely say this is such a worthy dish! Tenderloin steak is perfectly cooked and I like the combination of fried onion ring and mushroom casserole. 

 Homemade Soak Oat Groats w Apple Compote, Julienne Apple, Fresh Strawberry and Honey | RM18

Bobo ordered fried rice and oat groats for her meal and these two are vegetarian. So you may want to try this out!

 Underground Grenade | RM26 

Dessert time! Underground Grenade is their signature dessert, it looks very impressive when the server was trying to flambeing the dessert. The fire burns out and everyone was so excited! Inside of the grenade is mint chocolate chip ice cream. I personally don't really flavour mint, but seriously you should try it out! 

Hummingbird Cake

I like the taste of banana and pineapple of the cake, not too sweet nor rich. 

 Nutella Chocolate Cake

This is the most popular dessert because every girl loves chocolateeeeee HAHA! 

Pic credit to Tziaaa! :D

 Adele | Chanwon | Bobo | yours truly | Tziaaa
Pic credit to bobo! :D

Great talk with you girls! 

Why not US?

Underground Société
No.68, Jalan PJS 11/7
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya
03-5613 3851
Operation hours: 11.00am - 2am

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