Medik8 Dark Circles & Retinol Eye TR | Review

Do you agree that eyes are the most important feature of all? When I usually meet someone firstly, eyes would be the first thing I notice and pay attention to. You wouldn't want people to keep looking at you when you have a pair of eyes with wrinkles, terrible dark circles, eye bags, etc, do you? This is why I take care of my eye area the most, my concerns are dark circles and wrinkles. I have a bad sleeping habit since young, hence I always look for a better eye products. One day I came across Medik8 website and found these products specifically for eye concerns. 

Aging is terrible, one of the first places where visible signs of ageing begin to emerge is around your eyes. When you have dark circles, eye bags, fine lines or whatever, you would certainly look and feel a lot older than you really are. Ageing products are not targeting on elder lady, but for those who have these concerns lol *hand up*. I am using both eye products from Medik8, Dark Circles and Retinol Eye TR

Medik8 is an award winning, global skincare brand, which formulates products suitable for even the most sensitive of skin without compromising on effectiveness. Besides, Medik8 is the first green cosmeceutical brand, its specifically designed for skin ageing, hyperpigmentation, acne, dryness and redness. 

Medik8 Dark Circles 
RM239 | 15ml

Under-Eye Dark Circle Concealing Formula

  • Visibly reduces dark circles and puffiness
  • Airless packaging maintains stability & freshness
  • Hydrates and minimises water loss
  • Twin-peptides and light reflecting pigments

Medik8 Dark Circles significantly reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Two peptides from the well-known third party ingredient laboratories are used for effective result without irritation.

Review: I've been using it for one and a half month, I started to see the result after two weeks of usage, puffiness visibly reduces much and also dark circle reduced, even though not as much as puffiness. I was quite surprise and the texture kind of looks like concealer, it can be used at night though. Most importantly, the texture is not rich, so it will not cause any oil seed around the eyes.

Medik8 Retinol Eye TR
RM309 |10ml

Eye Region Night Serum (0.1% Retinol)

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Speeds up the natural peeling of dead skin cells
  • Enhanced stability and effective penetration
  • Time-release system reduces irritation

You must be surprised what makes it more costly than Dark Circles and the amount is lesser right? Medik8 Retinol Eye TR is actually designed for age-defenced products, it can reduces fine lines or dark spots around the eyes.

Retinol is basically another of Vitamin A, an extremely effective cell-communicating ingredient, which means it can literally connect to any skin cell and tell it to behave like a healthier, younger skin cell.

Review: The application of Retinol Eye TR is unique, it needs 3-day interval between applications for a minimum of two weeks to build up skin tolerance to Retinol. So it is recommended to note down or put a reminder in your phone like me hehe. I can tell the outcome after two weeks, because I am using Dark Circles and Retinol Eye TR together, so it is visibly seen that my fine lines, puffiness reduced much after two weeks, though dark circles outcome is not as much as fine lines and puffiness.

I usually look older without my eye concealer.
But now I think I look better! 

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