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Ever wonder why women take so long on makeup? To me, I usually take 20 minutes on make-up. Not too long but not too fast, I have to purposely spare 30 minutes earlier before going out, occasionally will late for my meetings. BUT! Now I just need 10 minutes putting on makeup. You know why? Cause I just did my lashes extension! Don't know if you can tell from the picture, but the above picture I was wearing eyebrow and eyeliner makeup only. I guess it's not something new to the public already, as there are so many shops out there are doing the lashes extension business.

However, it's very important to choose a right person to do it, after all it's our own eyes. Lashes are done by using synthetic eyelashes, one by one extensions. So, the process takes around two hours depending on the volume you want. It could lasts for up to one to two months depending on how you take care of it.

My lashes extension was done by Celebrity Wax and Beauty, they are having Chinese New Year Fair at centre atrium of eCurve till 23th of February 2015. For those who applied fake lashes most of the time or those who are lazy to makeup, lashes extension definitely is your must-do!

 Leather couches are provided in order to make you feel comfortable and relax during the process. 

The eyelashes and glue are quality products from Japan. So you don't have to worry about getting eye infection.

 Equipments for lashes extension

There are different volume and curl to choose from depends on the preference. They have 120 lashes, 180 lashes, 360 lashes and even 720 lashes! Type of curls include Sexy Curl (SC), Glamour (C), Dolly (D), and Dainty (J). Those who like exaggerated effect, you could go for Sexy Curl and more volume. You could even go for more natural by choosing less volume and Dainty curl. I'm choosing 180 lashes and Dolly curl. 

The process takes around two hours to be done. Miss Jel is an expert on it so I have no worry about it and there is no irritation at all during the process.

Here's the comparison of before and after. It's like putting on makeup already!

Took this with makeup on. I only applied eyeliner and eyebrow. So niceeeee right!

Oh yeah, they also have express manicure and pedicure there. I did my gel nails, so ready for CNY now!

Here's the video on the procedure of lashes extension. Celebrity Wax and Beauty are using eyelashes made in Japan under Carragheen of Singapore.

So how to take care of your lashes after lashes extension?


  1. Within 48 hours, try not to go to sauna or work-out as the adhesive glue will reactivate and may cause lashes stick together and will look like caked-on mascara. 
  2. Avoid using oil-based remover, try to use water-based remover as the lashes will last longer.
  3. Avoid using mascara too! 
  4. Don't try to pull the lashes as your real lashes will drop! 
  5. Avoid rubbing your eyes as it may shorten the life span of lashes extension. 
  1. Constantly comb your lashes by using the brushes provided to avoid your lashes stick together. 

I am ready for my Chinese New Year! YAY!

Celebrity Wax and Beauty is located at Pelangi Square, you can come over their shop to pamper yourself or you could go check out their fair at eCurve too!

They are having promotion for the lashes extension and manicure/pedicure now for the CNY Fair till 23th of February 2015 at eCurve Centre Atrium. You may call Miss Jel (0126636220) to make appointment. 

Eyelashes Extension Offer
Natural (120 lashes) | RM150 (original price RM298)
Volume (180 lashes) | RM200 (original price RM340)
Lower Lashes | RM50 (original price RM80)

Manicure/Pedicure Offer
Hand | RM30 (original price RM35)
Hand gel | RM90 (original price RM108)
Leg | RM35 (original price RM45)
Leg gel | RM100 (original price RM120)

For more information, visit their page.
Celebrity Wax and Beauty

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