Kérastase Dermo-Calm

Not sure if I have mention before, I have suffered from Seborrhoeic Dermatitis for very long already. And I've got to know it two years ago when I visited a skin specialist. The same issue that have been bothering me since 9 years old, basically the symptoms are flaky, itchy and red skin. Mine is scalp scaling issue. To put it simply, it's similar to dandruff problem. When I was young, I did not understand why I have dandruff, people kept telling me that I should wash my hair frequently, which I did EVERYDAY AND NIGHT. And the problem wouldn't solve, till I met the skin specialist, only I found out the cause is stress. I don't blame people who have no awareness of it because most of the people do not suffer from this problem. But I am glad that I found out the issue and cause. Even though I have found the root of the cause, but this problem won't cure as long as I have psychological stress. So sad right? I think this post is good enough to create awareness too for those who may have same issue as me but have yet to find out.

Other than shampoo for Seborrhoeic Dermatitis which cannot use for daily, I actually keep looking for a good shampoo for my scalp. Sometimes the itchiness is killing me, no joke. I can scratch my hair the whole day and it affects my mood! Last month, I have found out Kérastase actually having products specifically for this problem! I was so excited because I am always a fans of Kérastase hehe. Dermo-Calm range is targeting for those who have scalp problems or sensitive scalps, suffered from external stresses and internal disbalances.

Bain Riche Dermo-Calm (for sensitive scalp and dry hair)

Review: Use this shampoo daily and my itchiness indeed reduced much. Also, it did not make my hair dry, moisture my hair instead. 

Masque Sensidote Dermo-Calm (for sensitive and irritated scalp)

Review: I personally really like this masque. First of all, it contains moisturizing ingredients which can moisture the hair at the same time can be applied on scalp, soothe the scalp. Besides, the scent of the masque is really relaxing, usually not prefer fragrant products but the fragrance of it brings calming effect. 

One thing I super like about this range is that they smell really good! The scent of the products especially the masque relaxes mind and soothe the scalp. After two months of trying, my scaling problem reduces and no need to dependent on Seborrhoeic Dermatitis shampoo. Definitely worth to re-purchase again.

What's your opinion?

  1. hello Chenellewen, may I know where you get it?

    1. Hi, you can get it at certain hair salon that selling. you can google kerastase malaysia to see the list of salon location :)