Heart-to-Heart Talk

New year is here, but I am still missing December. Seems like everyone is still not over Christmas yet hehe. Time flies! it's third day of 2015 already! Flashback 2014, lots of things happened, good things and bad things, and I've learned something in the hard way, but I must say it is a start of something new to me. I am glad that someone who entered my life and he brightens up my days. My friends said that I don't really share my personal things on my blog. Not that I don't want to share, but sometimes I have no idea where should I start from and what should I really say. I am a sincere friend to anyone, you would know if you appreciate me. :)

I am glad that this time I try to open my heart and share some of my happiness to you, yup, my readers are always the motivation that keep me blogging till now. :)

Being away back to hometown before Christmas, and came home to surprise waiting for me. Never know that my boyfriend had actually prepared a secret surprise for me hehe. He knew I love surprises! *love* From Christmas card, to two pair of Xmas socks with hints, then four pressies. Awwwww X)

Oh yeah, my besties came to town and we celebrated our Xmas together for the very first time! We had the most blissful Christmas eve night. Can't wait to share with you more. xx

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