Christmas Eve

I know it is 2015 now and Christmas is over, allow me to share with you how I'd spent my Christmas Eve with my dearies hehe. Got so many things to share with you! I hope I have more time so I can blog more. :)

My Christmas Eve was simple yet blissful. Carmen and Jxhia were coming to town and and celebrated with me. I must say I really love our night staying in, as I remembered my past few ones were either spending time in the club or chill out at outside. There were too crowded EVERYWHERE. Last year Christmas was what I exactly wished for. I hope there are more to come hehe. So we came back together and did some grocery shopping before dinner. It was rather late our dinner ended up delay till 11 something haha!

Carmen's boyfie was the chef of the night, he cooked delicious and scrumptious pasta for us! Love it!

Here comes our pressie exchange time. Can tell that everyone puts a lot of effort into pressie wrapping hehe. We love every presents that we bought for each other.

My pressie from Jxhia darling. She bought something that I like and useful to me! Scenting clay in floral lily from Barn&Porter. Love it so much!

Carmen darling prepared 3 presents for me. And I actually teared when I opened the first one haha. Go watch her channel if you haven't.

My favorite candle from Diptyque. hehe

One of the best pressies I've received. *love*

Every present is meaningful to me, feel even more blissful that I have these two dearies in my life. I appreciate it. hehe

I have made my first vlog for our Christmas Eve's pressie exchange. Please give some comments haha. And watch theirs too! ;)

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