Pamper Time with L'Oréal Hair Spa

Living in this environment, which are not only under stressful events, high humidity in Asia and also full of pollution, I reckon we all mostly have the same concerns of scalp, which are perspiration, oily scalp and dandruff. To be honest, my dandruff problem is bothering me since young and it's getting serious whenever I am under pressure, for example, exams, assignments deadlines, meetings, works, etc.. This is why I have to wash my hair everyday and my hair is freaking oily if I don't wash for a day! Moreover I dye my hair monthly, which caused extra damage to the scalp. My hair is sending SOS now! So happen that L'Oréal has came out a new series of hair spa detoxifying series, which contains tea tree oil, for stressed scalp and hair. I was invited to experience the luxury hair spa treatment at Miko Galere, Nu Sentral courtesy of L'Oréal Professionnel Malaysia! 

Before the hair spa treatment

Hair Spa Detoxifying Procedures

It has the cooling effect, like it!

Step 1 
Detoxifying Scalp Clay is an top up service for only RM30, I would strongly recommended it because it able to deep cleanse, absorbs the excess oils, perspiration and achieves a fresh and relaxed scalp. 

Step 2
Detoxifying Shampoo and Conditioner are used for normal hair wash. 

Step 3
Hair mask time! Apply Detoxifying Creambath and leave it for around 10 minutes. 

Step 4
Final part is to choose either Hydrating Concentrate or Purifying Concentrate and apply on clean scalp.

Step 5
Blow dry hair and done! 

 My scalp is so much relieved and clean. Also my hair is extremely smooth and shiny! 

 We finally have a good hair day! 

 Thank you Eliz and Guen for the invites! Both of em are really sweet and approachable! 

Thank you hairstylists for the effort in making our hair so beautiful and lively!
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Not to forget thanks for the products! 
I am using their hair color series now and it smells so good! 
Can't wait to try out the new upcoming products, Absolut Repair Lipidium series! 

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