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Even though I wear heels most of the time when I am attending events, but I'd prefer to wear something casual and comfortable during my personal time. Usually I walk a lot, when I go shopping, when I hang out with friends, blah blah blah... It would be a torture for me if I still need to wear high heels, imagine if I walk for 3 hours or more... I tried before, several times and trust me, it ain't fun. 

I can be very casual at times. 

Been looking for a pair of comfy and stylish shoes and guess I have found one, Keds. Keds is a footwear brand founded in 1916 offering light weight canvas sneakers for its customers. The brand creates unique designs to capture the attention of women to be fashionable with Keds shoes. It is suitable for your casual day outings to the park paired with that white A-cut dress. The quality of Keds shoes is great as it gives customers a comfort feel and the price is very affordable. Women will feel satisfied having Keds fashion shoes and slip on in their wardrobe collection as it gives you that tough but feminine look. Keds not only provides their trendy shoe line for women but also for men. The stylish but simple designs are suitable for men to be wearing the moment they step out of the house. Rather than wearing those plain old flip flops, men could perk up their outfit with these amazing looking shoes from Keds.

Guess what, my favorite idol, Taylor Swift is wearing their sneakers too!

 She looks amazing and feminine in Keds sneakers with her elegant outfit!

Mischa Barton looks stylish and casual in Keds sneakers! 

Among the collections, my choices are these pairs!

You could get your hands on these wonderful Keds sneakers shoes by checking out its collection at Zalora. You could purchase any designs which suit your style and have it delivered right at your doorstep!

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