GUESS Blogger Awards 2014 voting

Been busying with my life lately, too busy to enjoy while working. I must say, I need a vacation badly! Planning for my next trip hmmmm. Where should I go? I actually got a lot of travelling post wanna share with you guys, but things happened lately can't really make time out for blogging. I hope I can settle everything and share with you guys soon! :) Before that, I am glad to announce that I have got into top 8 of GUESS Blogger Awards 2014. If you're following my Facebook or Instagram, you would know there's voting required from my friends and readers. So happy that I got into GUESS Blogger Awards because GUESS is one of my favorite brands! X)

So guys, could you do me a flavor?
Stand a chance to win RM500 GUESS voucher as well! 
Just a simple step for registration and you're done! hehe

Appreciate your help! 
Million thanks!!!


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