Carlsberg Friendship Challenge

Who doesn't love free stuff? People say usually you need to do something in order to get what you want, because there is no free thing in the world. What about giving you free stuff by enjoying a fun game with your friends? Sounds unbelievable right? Carlsberg makes your dreams come true! There is a Carlsberg Friendship Challenge running on around the town and what's the fun part is, you get to reward cans of Carlsberg in a fun way! The Carlsberg Friendtastic Machine is placed in the mall and you get to play game and win cans of Carlsberg! I was so excited to try on the machine, it was my first time heard of this kind of machine! So when the machine was placed at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, I went to check it out with my dearies!

 Careen, yours truly and Chanwon

There were a long queue when we reached there. See, noone would reject free beer by playing a game! But remember it's only for non-Muslim and aged 18 and above. 

Finally our turn! Chanwon and I were trying so hard to play this game! Ganjiongness to the max! I am so short but luckily still managed to reach the bottle lol!

 We are trying to pull down the bottles and hold it till it passed the stage.
Trick of the game, do not ever touch each other's bottle else it'll crack! 

 Macam yes right? Actually we are so nervous because everyone is looking at us!

We won the game! Ahem..

Here's the video of The Carlsberg Friendtastic Machine.

Check out this link for more information!

Carlsberg Malaysia's official fans page

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