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After some time, I have decided to share out something that I have been struggling for so long and finally made a conclusion here. Apologize again for my less update, too many things happened lately and I could tell that I have somewhat lost passion in blogging. Things came too sudden but it was me who wanted it to be. All this while, people have been envious about my relationship, that I have a boyfriend who always care about me, bring me to travel and spend time with me.. Tell me, do bystanders have clearer view of our own relationship than us? Let me tell you something, no one can judge a relationship based on your own judgement, you can give opinion or advice, but not judgement. there's no right nor wrong in a relationship, what I can tell is, things have finally came to the end. 

I have heard of the 7-year-itch, but to me, the relationship wouldn't work out if there's no spark between both parties. I once read the articles and found it really suitable for me. 


7 Things That Will Make You Break Up Your Long-Term Relationship

1. You hinder each other's growth

Is your love keeping you from doing what's best for each other? Is your relationship more of a distraction? Remember: relationships exist so you can be your best self, not hinder each other's personal growth.

2. Differences in goals and values

As you get older, sharing common goals and values is important. If you can't negotiate and make compromises, it might be best to end it before you find yourself in too deep.

3. Once a cheater, always a cheater

If your man can't keep it in his pants, do yourself a favor and dump the sucker. The last thing you need is someone who fills your mind with self-doubt or makes you feel like you're not good enough. What's the point of staying in a relationship with someone you can't trust?

4.  Lack of physical intimacy

Chemistry and intimacy matter. If your relationship is running dry—literally and figuratively—in these departments, maybe its time to initiate "the talk."

5. He's a pathological liar.

After being together for years, you'll learn that women's intuition is often right. Small lies like, "I can't visit you today because my car is coding" (when he's really just at home playing 2k14) can lead to bigger lies like, "Just playing ball with the boys" (when he's actually watching a movie with another girl). You deserve someone you can trust for both the small and big things. If he thinks he can get away with stuff all the time, he'll never stop lying.

6. Trouble communicating with each other

You deal with rough patches differently. While you're more vocal and open about dealing with your problems, he would rather avoid it at all costs, even if it means avoiding you completely. At this point in your LTR, you two should be comfortable enough to make the relationship a shared experience, not a guessing game.

7. You're nobody without him.

While it's great to have someone you share this wonderful life with, your life is still yours. Always remember to leave something for yourself. Don't let your relationship eclipse your own identity. Be brave enough to step out of his shadows and be your own sun.


I must say that, the decision took a long time and it was tough. It's really hard to tell the reasons of it if you're not my close friends, but, what I can tell is, I think I deserve a better relationship that I am happy with. I've no idea what's gonna happen next, but for now I just want a happy life and live on my own. :)

Too good to leave, too bad to stay.. best words ever. 

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What's your opinion?

  1. Being single is smarter than being in the wrong relationship. No matter how, we all deserve to be happy :)

  2. You'll meet someone. No one knows what's around the corner. Take care dear! And please continue to blog =)

  3. 嗯~重要的是,妳要過得開心~

  4. so i'm deducing that you've just gone through a break-up. good move! to have the right one, you gotta first let go of the wrong one. STAY STRONG xx

  5. thank you all for the words!!! APPRECIATE! <3