WOW Photobooth | Day Tour

If you ask what makes me think it creates more fun and laughter, I would say.. picture time with the dearies! Camera has become an indispensable thing in our lives, no matter for guys and girls. Whenever there is a gathering or outing, there is camera time! For so many events that I've attended, I always think there should be a photo corner for us to take picture. whoever invented the photobooth, I owe you. It's a genius invention, a booth that usually set up in an event, guests can take picture and the photos print out in an instant. Because of that, photobooth is kind of famous in many countries. I am so glad that it's happening in Malaysia! Many thanks to the WOW Photobooth, I've invited to have a tour of their office. 

Props prepared by the crew

This is the famous photobooth that I am talking about. 

Kittie, Chanwon and yours truly are ready to take the challenge! (Picture time)

 Of course, if you have read my birthday post, you would know WOWbooth was at my bday!
So I was there to discuss about my bday theme for the photobooth picture with Aiman, a creative designer I would say!

 Our pictures of the day
I guess we are entitled as "Crazy selca queen" haha!

 3 different themes for different events
I am in love with the booth!

WOWbooth has brought a lot of fun during my birthday, everyone was crazy about taking pictures by WOWbooth and the pictures are kept as a door gift. I am so glad that WOWbooth was being part of my bash! 

Thanks for having us! *love*
Thanks for the great hospitality too! 

What's your opinion?

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