KOSÉ Sekkisei Beauty Workshop

Attending beauty workshop is fun! Because we can share our thoughts and reviews during the workshop and everyone gets to try out the product. So last week, I tagged along my girl friends to attend the KOSÉ Sekkisei beauty workshop together. The event was hold at Fresca Italian restaurant, The Gardens Mall. 

I remembered the first product that I knew when I was young was KOSÉ, and it was the first product that I used too! KOSÉ has been a long-standing and remarkable history in the world since 1946. 

While waiting for the arrival of others, let's take a picture of before as I know we are gonna remove makeup and try out their product. 

During the workshop, a demonstration of using Sekkisei products was given and we were asked to do it together! 

 Here's another picture before removal of makeup!

 With the doll povy 

First, use the SEKKISEI Cleansing Cream to remove our makeup. 

Removed everything except eye makeup.

Next, we going to use the highlighted product of all, SEKKISEI Lotion and Mask! It can be used as lotion as well as mask, which creates fine-textured and hydrated "snow-white" skin. 

SEKKISEI Lotion contains Coix Seed Extract, Angelica Extract, and Melothria (White Lotus) Extract which increase metabolism, whiten and moisturize skin. 

It's very simple, all you need is SEKKISEI Lotion Mask and mask. 

  1. First, pour the SEKKISEI Lotion into its cap till it reaches the line.
  2. Put the mask into the cap.
  3. The mask will absorb the lotion till it puffs up. 
  4. Unfold the mask and place on your clean face.
  5. Remove it after 5-10 minutes and taa-daaa! Your skin is like a snow white now! 

 Guess who we are! haha!
Credit to the photographer! 

After the mask, applied SEKKISEI Emulsion and BB Cream (color 1) and we are done! I noticed the lotion gives instant result, my skin looks more translucent and radiant! 

 Who wants a "snow-white" skin like us now? :D

I am going to have a giveaway for the SEKKISEI LOTION MASK, please stay tune! 

Meanwhile, KOSÉ is running SEKKISEI Cinderella Contest on their Facebook now!
Any of you could be KOSÉ SEKKISEI Cinderella Malaysia!

I am sure you will get excited when you heard of the prizes!

RM15,000 cash prizes | 1 year supply of SEKKISEI products | As SEKKISEI Cinderella Malaysia | Trip to Japan 2015 for SEKKISEI's 30th anniversary Birthday Pary | Cover girl in Magazine

Best Vote Award
1 year supply of SEKKISEI products

Special Judges Award
1 year supply of SEKKISEI products

For more information, visit 

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