Casio Exilim EX-TR15 Review | 21mm Wide Angle Lens

Last Casio TR15's review! 

Apart from beauty make-up feature, why do you need TR15? Do you think that make-up feature is the only attraction of TR15? I am here to prove you wrong! Because other than make-up mode, TR15 has an amazing feature, which is 21mm Wide Angle Lens.

You get to take a selfie with your friends yourselves without asking for other's help. You know sometimes we dislike to ask from others for taking pictures for us because there's always a problem, the picture turns out to be sucks and everyone looks bad. I have no idea why but it's always like that! And you would feel embarrassing to ask for second time, there goes your picture. LOL

 TR15 enables us to take selfie up to 4 people standing together. 
We could adjust the angle we like and everyone looks good! 

 With my dearies during outing

Not only 4 people, you could actually take with a group of people with everyone is in the screen! 
10 people in this photo! 

Another great thing about 21mm wide angle lens is we do not need to stand far to take a landscape. 

 This is taken in Chocolate Ville, Bangkok. 
Everything is captured perfectly. 

 Love this shot! 

And also wide angle lens is great in photoshooting. 
Not sure if you notice, but I think my legs look longer in pictures taken by TR15! 

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