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Every year, my birthday comes too quick and I have to start planning before new year. Although I somewhat dislike that my birthday falls on January, but 1 is my favorite number! And I get to receive double Ang Pows because of my birthday always falls around Chinese New Year, yay! XDD 

This year, I am doing it differently. Thanks to the sponsors, I got to throw an awesome birthday event and celebrated with my kl friends! Before this, I have to say, it is always tiring to throw a party, especially when it comes to dealing with irresponsible people, just like who I met on my 21st birthday. I am glad that this time, these people are so easy-going and everything is well-prepared! Since it was before CNY, so I was thinking to have an Old Shanghai birthday theme, everyone get to dress up in Cheongsam and Shanghai-styled costumes according to their own preferences! 

Door gift prepared for the guests before the birthday dinner. Thanks to Jessica and Karmen, I wouldn't be able to complete it without their assistance! *love* It took some time to do a fan design invitation card, however the result turned out to be terrific! I will share a tutorial on this fan design invitation card soon on my blog, so please stay tune! X)

It ain't easy to get a place like what I wish for! I am lucky enough to have my friends who helped me to search for the places. Finally we found Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park which is located at Puchong Setiawalk Mall. It was newly opened in early of January this year and just in time for my birthday event! Most importantly, I have to stress on a fact that Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park is a brilliant concept where the decoration of the entire Grand Shanghai, including the uniform of the waiters and waitresses is in Old Shanghai style and you will definitely feel like you're in a real Shanghai! You need not travel far to experience this because i believe the environment here is almost the same as the original place. 

 Cute thing that I found out, they have a random dance performance every hour or few hours by all of their staffs, how cute! You can see the Shanghai-themed uniform of some of the workers here.
The restaurant that we dined in is Grand Shanghai Tea House (大上海茶楼).

 Menu of the restaurant 

Wow Photobooth is here! 
I guess wowbooth has the power to put a spell on people
Everyone loves it! 

 Photobooth is a must for an event nowadays

10 seconds and the photo is ready in an instant! 

Before the dinner, we had some random 'photo shooting' around Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park
The place is so nice it would be a waste if we didn't take any picture! 

 Behind the scene haha!
credit to Max who being photographer of the day XD

 Most of the pictures are taken from different photographers and friends, 
credit to all of em! 
Every picture is awesome! 

 3 crazy women haha!

 Pattern banyak but I like it! XDD

 Me: you see, that guy is so funny
Shiqi: japanese language (only we could understand)

 Every picture is so so nice so bare with me with the post more than 50 pictures!
Credit to Moment Delight

 Some of the photos taken from kerchi, credit to her! *love*

Behind the scene 

Food is served upon the arrival of guests, though some of em couldn't make it at the last minute but I do appreciate all the wishes! :))

Food is prepared by the chef of Grand Shanghai Tea House, the great thing about Chinese food is that we are able to share the food with our friends and family. For the Chinese culture, their food usually represents the reunification of friends and family because the food is served in big portions and placed in the middle of a table. This encourages family members and friends to be able to experience sharing and improved communication. This is unlike Western cultures where they usually order in restaurants and cafes based on their own portion only. As I was too busy taking pictures that night, I didn't get to try out some dishes served. However, I got the reviews from my friends saying that the food is nice and tasty! 

 Lou Sang moment

Blow cake session!

Thanks to my boyfriend for the cake and cookies *love*

Thanks for coming everyone!
Thanks for being cooperative for the Shanghai theme!
from left to right: Max, Nana, Kelvin, Cherrie, Casey, Kittie, Boon Har, Jordan, Povy, Jacs, Kai Loon, Bobostephanie, Darren, Wyman, Karen, Qiqi, Janice, Shiqi, Kerchi, Huei Liang, Darius, Karmen, Jessica
not forgetting babe Chanwon who left early! 
Love ya'll! X)

Some of the Wow Photobooth's shots

Thank you for all the sponsors and my friends, 
my birthday event would not be so great without you guys! 

For more information, visit

Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park

Wow Photobooth

Moment Delight


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  1. Happy belated birthday to you! Visited your blog from Ker Chi's link.

  2. sharon - yes it is! you missed it! XDD

  3. hey chenelle.. if you dont mind, may i know where do you get your cheongsam? im looking for one for my wedding photoshoot~ thank you very much

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  5. Would love to see the tutorial for the fan invitation design! :)

  6. Hi do u mind if u share where u got your dress? Thanks :)

  7. Hi do u mind if u share where u got your dress? Thanks :)