Have been hanging out with my babes these days because I am going back to hometown tonight for CNY. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Did you managed to get CNY new clothes? Are you going back hometown for family reunion dinner? To me, Chinese New Year is a good apportunity to gather with all the relatives, somehow I realized people are forgetting this tradition nowadays, my relatives are getting lesser every time I go back to my hometown, hopefully they would understand the importance of family reunion dinner. 

So before going out, I went out with Diana babe to do lil shopping.

With babe Diana
Thanks for the birthday pressie *love*

 Styling with my baby G watch again 

And my new hair color, Purple ombré hair! 
Since everyone is going red this CNY, Steve decided to make it purple!
Love the gradation of the color. 

Ypu may contact Steve for more information ya ;)

Outfit of the day
Top from bkk
Pants from sg wang
BabyG BGD-141-8
Philippe Audibert ring

Birthday gift for myself all the way from Paris! 
I love the design and I told my friends, especially the pointed part, can be used as self-defense haha! 

Love how it matches with my Baby G watch too! 

On the other day, had a lovely dinner at Pisco bar with Boon Har before she going abroad to Australia.

 Cebiches with salmon (not sure of the name) is yummy! Must try! 

Pork burger 

 Pretty lady

 Again with my BabyG BGD-141-8

Outfit of the night
Clothes from bkk
Necklace from bkk
 BabyG BGD-141-8
Philippe Audibert ring

Fancy my watch? Visit https://www.facebook.com/CasioTimepieceMalaysia for more information! ;)

What's your opinion?

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