Hong Kong Hauls

I think most of you know that I just came back from ShenZhen, Macao and Hong Kong few days ago (if you follow my instagram or facebook). If you want me to name of a country that I won't go, hmmm, I can't think of any. Because I love travelling! It was my first time travelling to ShenZhen, China. I love shopping over there because their stuffs are dirt cheap! Seriously, no lie, cheaper than bangkok's. Yet I couldn't stand the attitudes of their citizens. Anyway, I've been to some places in Macao that I didn't go two years ago. This was the third time I travelled to Hong Kong, I love this country and I wish to go there every year as I haven't explore all the places in Hong Kong.

Anyway, gonna share with ya'll some of the great stuffs that I bought from HK this time! 

 1. Chloe Necklace and Solid Perfume

Love it at the first sight so I straight away bought it on the flight. Don't you think it's so pretty and classy? I think it's a good present for bff too as the price is not that expensive, below RM200.

2. YSL lipstick

Not sure M'sia has it or not, I bought it because of the online reviews. Even the color is sharp, surprisingly the color matches asian's skin tone. 

3. b + ab tops

Always love their design and it's not available in M'sia. So.... keep! 

4. Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers

A present from my sister! Wanted it long time ago, but this design is so hard to find, not available in M'sia too. Thank you! *love*

5. Seal Stamp

So surprised I found this! I fell in love for this ancient seal since I've got the letter from my Italian's friend. Not only the wax seal is pretty, even the design of the device is attractive too.

6. Hotchocspoon 

Any idea what's that? It's a chocolate cube comes with many flavours, put into hot milk and there you go, hot chocolate milk! Bought it again because it is so cute! Since the price is average, can take it as souvenir too. I bought sweet bubble flavour and another one is alcohol type, Grappa, that's why it comes with the injection thing.

7. Easter egg jewelry mini box

A pretty case that bought from Ladies market street (女人街). The price is quite reasonable too, around RM30.

That's all for today. Stay tune for more. ;)



What's your opinion?

  1. coolest + sawggest kicks ever! omg! i would love to own that! <3

    and yes, we don't have that ysl rouge volute lipstick..so sad.. i heard it is the best lipstick ever!

  2. sabrina tajudin - oh no I just saw your comment! >.< yes the sneakers are awesome I am still reluctant to wear it lol. YSL lipstick is definitely one of the best lipsticks even the design is superb! X)

  3. Hi can I know where to buy that hot chocolate spoon?