MHB Lou Sang at Royal Flush, Oasis Square Ara Damansara

I always think that time passes so fast especially during Chinese New Year that I couldn't fully enjoy my CNY with my dear family and friends. Just landed the homeland yesterday, guess where'd I travelled to during this CNY? You'd know if you follow my facebook or instagram. Haven't get back myself from the wonderland, I want more holiday plsssss! :( 

Anyway, speaking of CNY, I had another Lou Sang dinner again before that with Tim, the MHB founder and all MHB members at The Royal Flush which was located at Oasis Square Ara Damansara. It was a fabulous night with pink, white and red colors as the theme of the night. All girls dolled up themselves and everyone looked extremely gorgeous at that night! :) We were arranged to private room which named by China's cities' name. 

MHB with the bosses of Royal Flush 

The architecture of the Royal Flush restaurant is very Chinese and ancient. I like how they actually embrace the culture of the Chinese with interesting contemporary design and decorations.

The dinner started with the Salmon flakes wrapped in fried wantan skin, interesting appetizer. I like the crunchy food to be the first one before the meal, something like titbits to me.

Salmon flakes wrapped in fried wantan skin

Second dish would be the perfect grilled cod fish topped with onion rings, one of the interesting dishes too! I like it dressed with the greens to balance the strong flavour of the dish.
Grilled cod fish

Dimsum combination! My favourite of all dishes! hehe. To me, I still think that Chinese food is the best! Even though others are brilliant, after all we are still Chinese, right?
Dimsum combination - Fishball, siew mai, xiao long bao

Let's have something new, twin cold combination, which is dried oyster and sliced abalone on top of cucumber and topped with cherry tomatoes. A traditional dish for Chinese.
Twin cold combination, dried oyster and sliced abalone

Grilled scallop bacon is the fifth dish of our lou sang dinner, less but decent. I started to feel full when it came to this dish. haha

Grilled scallop bacon

Grilled pork ribs, another Chinese traditional dish. I like the taste of the pork, but I couldn't finish the portion as this is the sixth dish of the dinner!
Grilled pork ribs

This dish came just in time. Asparagus, added some bonito flakes as topping.

The main couse had came to the end. Abalone fried rice, I like the chewy abalone paired with bacon bits fried rice.
Abalone fried rice

Lastly, the dessert selection would be double boiled bird's nest, every girl's favourite! Can I have one more?
Double boiled bird's nest

Picture time after the dinner with the girls.
Kate, Jane Schwan, Karen, yours truly, Vivian


Sarah, she is a very cheerful girl!

Chloe Chianz, pretty girl

It's time for Lou Sang! 
HUAT ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girls were crazy. We wished for hundred wishes and I think the we made the lou sang become uneatable lol! More advertorials and grow taller were the two most wanted wishes to me! Haha! 

More pictures! 
Sweetie Vivian

Pictures with the bosses!

Not to forget, pictures credit to Andy Kho! The most professional photographer! 

Outfit of the night
Pink dress from bkk
Glitter pumps from online shop
Bangle from bkk
Chanel flap bag

We wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! (I know it's late :p)

The menu set of this dinner is RM1,200nett for 10 pax.

The Royal Flush 
Central Piazza, Oasis Square Ara Damansara,
No. 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A ,
47301 Petaling Jaya,

Phone:  012-2997598


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