Second Anniversary with D at Grand Lexis, Port Dickson

711 was our second anniversary of our relationship. Somehow I feel surprised, can't believe we have come all this far. These would be probably the best memories in my love life. 

Dolled up and get ready for small celebration. Didn't really celebrate tho, because we were too late for fine dining. :( So after had a quick dinner, just chilling by the pool. ;)

Outfit of the night
Liz Lisa dress
Chanel flap bag
Aldo high heels

Beloved bf.

 On the next day, we went to Port Dickson because bf already booked a hotel for our anniversary day.

 Before off to Port Dickson, we had to put our beloved poco to the pet hotel.
 Isn't he adorable? <3>

So naughty always disturb D driving

Grand Lexis hotel.

 (Image credit:

For a better picture, this was the room we stayed in.

 (Image credit:

The room was huge, could even accommodate more people.


Surprise by the hotel. <3>

Private swimming pool with garden

Silly making fun lol XD

Bikini at noon.

We were getting bored in pd, so decided to drive to seremban to try out their good food. Back to hotel with lots of chips, chilling again by the pool. lol

Had a simple yet romantic stay. :)

What we always do. Fooling around!

Hppy second anniversary to my boyfriend. <3 p="p">

Pressie from my boyfriend. Thank you ;)

Have a nice day. :)

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