Venice, Italy

Venice, a beautiful and breathtaking city, also known as City of Water or The Floating City. It was made by 118 small islands which were separated by canals and linked by bridges. Who doesn't want to be here? And I finally made it to here for a half day trip, I would definitely stay more longer if my time allows me to do so.

We went to Venice by train from Milan, took around three hours. It was not a long journey and trenitalia was a good choice.

A sorbet before off to the Milano centrale.

On the train

And the moment we stepped out of Venice station.

Greeting from Venezia! ;)

In Italy, imitation of branded goods are selling along roadside everywhere.

And so do buskers.

San Moise church

According to the travel research that I'd found, the great part of being in Venice is actually to get lost in it! More special places would be discovered if you're getting lost in Venice. But we didn't have much time to allow us to do so, so just follow the google map to our next destination while sightseeing this beautiful city. Good thing was, we visited Venice by foot, because most of the main roads were narrow alleys. And there were many small shops selling local handicrafts, like carnival masks.

Gondolas were everywhere on the canals waiting for the tourists. It was quite pricey so we'd rather explored the place by foot.

Piazza San Marco (St Mark's Square), San Marco.

Spot me? :p

Saint Mark's Basilica, Byzantine architecture.

We've missed out a lot of places to enter, such as Doge's Palace and campanile, every place was full of tourists queuing for the tickets. The queue was long enough that you could spend more than three hours for it! Ended up just walking around to take photos of the surrounding.

Famous Rialto Bridge.

There were luxury boutiques in Venice as well.

Took a break in a restaurant. We met a lovely Italian couple while on the way back to Milan and they told us there actually have two menus in Venice restaurant, one is for locals and another one is for tourists. Foods are served differently, of course prices as well.

It's time to say goodbye to Venice! ;)

As I mentioned, we met a lovely Italian married couple and we became friends! We talked all the way back to Milan. They gave us a lot of travel information about Italy and our upcoming trip, Rome. We've definitely changed our mind towards Italians which we thought they were unfriendly and rude! :) Hope to see them around!

Pictures of Venezia.

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