Piazza del Duomo, Milan

They always said Italy is the most dangerous place of all European countries, well I have to say, maybe is the one of the places full of fraud syndicates around, trying to swindle money from people, especially those innocent tourists. I've got cheated since first stepped out of milan metro station. Just want to remind my readers, please be careful of those people who trying to force you accept their 'free items'.

I would never forget the most expensive cab that I've took, 200 euro! It was RM800! Oh my, our day started with RM800 on a usual cab. 

Picture that I took on the way back to hotel. Every single building was full of street paintings (don't know what is it called).

Milan station 

Our first visit place was duomo in Milan, a beautiful architectural building.


It would be a real regret if you did not have a chance to the top. I couldn't make it to the top, but I saw some pictures of others' bloggers, it was very very beautiful to see the Milan from the top of the duomo.

(Image credit: Jessy via http://lmyjessy.blogspot.com/2010/08/piazza-del-duamo.html)

(Image credit: Janice via http://janiceperson.com/travel/visit-milan-duomo/)

Facade of the duomo

Our tired face after traveling like 16 hours plus stopped by Abu Dhabi.

Impressed by its detailed architecture, no wonder it took six centuries to complete.

Duomo of Milan during sunset.

Last picture of us at duomo.


What's your opinion?

  1. the duomo is so beautiful! but why is it so empty? where were all the tourist?

  2. [sharon] - it was not empty, some areas were under construction and not allowed to enter. I was trying to avoid the crowd for the pic as well hehe :p