Triumph Helps You "Find the One"

Just like any other girls, I sometimes encounter ill-fitting bras' problems that affect my day. The problems can be a utterly severe that affect my emotions, performance, as well as appetite. Imagine how important it is to get a perfect-fitted bra. It's just as important as choosing a life partner, it will transform your body into perfect shape or rather bad shape. Whether you're searching for support, shape, cleavage or invisible, every girl should knows exactly which lingerie style are you! 

I am glad that I've found mine during Triumph's fitting session by master fitter! Triumph has been a leading lingerie brand in Malaysia, and this time Triumph has launched a new campaign "Find the One", as well as the short animated movie which describes about the magical experience of finding the perfect fitted bra. 

I have finally knew my exact cup size and also type of lingerie that suitable my needs after the fitting session. She actually measured my bust, waist, and hip area. After an intimate talk, she told me my body shape and my perfect fitted bra. I am glad that I am still in S Shape category, there are 5 category of shapes and most of Malaysian women are fall into I Shape, where lack of curves and concern with defining their waistline. 

7 steps to find the perfect fit! 

  1. Your underband needs to feel comfortable yet firm, no digging in or red marks. (It provides 80% of the support)
  2. The back of your bra should be in line with the front
  3. Cups should not come too high under the arms.
  4. Your breast should fit neatly into the bra's cups. (No overspill or wrinkling at all)
  5. Wires should lie flat against your body. (No poking or rubbing here)
  6. Your bra's centre front panel should sit flat against your body.
  7. Your breasts should be supported in their natural position, usually halfway between shoulder and elbow. Re-adjust straps if necessary. 

I've chosen invisible style for my first and second look, because I like the flat edges eliminate lines and blend with my skin for a "second skin" feel.

Never know that body shape maker can be so elegant, especially when it matches with bra from Forever Young Collection. Bodydress is my best purchase ever, preserving youthful figure while showing a fuller, firmer, rounder and more uplifted bust!

Triumph "Find the One" campaign is going on right now and everyone deserves a perfect fitted bra, not only Hannah, Tammy and Mara. I have found my one, ask for a complimentary fitting session today!

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  1. Have you watched a Hong Kong movie called "绝世好Bra"?

  2. As long as I look into the eyes of custom sexdolls, I can continue to harbor a glimmer of hope in my heart.