Panasonic Beauty Workshop | Make Beautiful Happen 2015

"Beauty is all around us and can be beautiful moments or acts of beauty. Sometimes it's up to us to make it happen."
 Familiar with the quote? If you read about my Panasonic Beauty workshop in August this year, you would know I mentioned about it, you can read it here. Being a fans of Panasonic for quite some time, I am thrilled by the 3 newly launched trendy hair stylers by Panasonic. I personally reckon that hair stylers are one of the essentials even in travelling. I must bring along hair stylers with me whenever I go travelling, a bad hairstyle really got me mood swing for the whole day! Hence, have to make sure a good hair styler is with me to have a perfect hair day. I am glad that the 3 new hair stylers are designed to compliment the busy lifestyles of the young and on-the-go ladies, including me, where beautiful, perfectly styled hairstyles can be created easily within minutes. Last week, I had a chance to witness the new hair stylers at Marble 8, Kuala Lumpur.

The 3 new Hair Stylers are Multi-Styling Hair Styler, EH-HV51, Straight and Curl Hair Styler, EH-HV20, and Compact Straight and Curl Hair Styler, EH-HV10. Besides, what makes these Hair Stylers great is they have colour-care photo ceramic plate for colour-fade prevention, keeping hair moist and prevent hair loss.

During the event, Mr. Yoshi from Number 76 Hair Salon was there to share hair styling tips and current trends too.

Multi-Styling Hair Styler,EH-HV51

I am surprised when I see this hair styler. It has additional 5 attachments as seen in the photo, which creates a total of 6 different hair styles according to the type you want. Besides, the even heat distribution plate which is their new technology, heat is evenly distributed thus enabling hair to be styled more quickly and evenly and can be ready to use in just 15 seconds!

With this hair styler, you can change your look every day depending on your mood hehe.

Compact Straight and Curl Hair Styler, EH-HV10

This tiny and trendy hair styler comes with 3 different designs, which are pink, white and black. It's only 23.5cm that you can even store it in handbag. Now who says we cannot have perfect hair anytime and anywhere?

EH-HV10 is ready to use in 40 seconds. Always like the white one!

Straight and Curl Hair Styler, EH-HV20

EH-HV20 also has even heat distribution plate and can be ready to use in 15 seconds same as EH-HV51. The difference of this hair styler is the extra-long plate, with 105mm long, offers speedy straightening and easy curling.

So which one is your favourite? I personally think that 3 hair stylers have different unique features, EH-HV51 can create different hair types, EH-HV20 offers speedy straightening and easy curling while EH-HV10 is portable for anywhere, anytime. But they're having same purpose, which is supporting and empowering Malaysian women with the confidence and beauty they deserved.

For more information, visit their page. 

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