Rockin' 3 styles with ROCKitude!

When it comes to makeup, I love trying different makeup products, exploring various looks by using different products. Who knows you might find a suitable one while exploring the makeup products, this is why getting a mini makeup kit first is better. You can get a mini size of the makeup products with cheaper rate before deciding on whether want to get a normal size. How good is that? Lately, Luxola has launched Benefit cosmetics on their website. Yes! We can buy Benefit cosmetic via Luxola now, so I've got myself a Rockin' Rose Gold... Lip & Cheek Kit, a makeup kit that only costs RM120 with 4 products inside! Well, for 4 different products inside a kit, that is genuinely worth it! I love its rock packaging with a detailed sequence and trick books for consumers like us!

ROCKitude set includes Benetint, High Beam, Rockateur, and Ultra Plush Lip Gloss. With the detailed instructions on the trick book, I suddenly had an idea of showing you guys how to rock 3 styles by using ROCKitude! From day time at work, dating day as well as a night out! No joke, we can create different looks by using ROCKitude kit!

Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain is one of the best selling items, it can be used on lip and cheek to achieve a dewy and natural blush. It is smudge-proof and can lasts from day to night.

1. Daytime Look

Daytime look has to be natural and keep it as simple as you can. You don't want to wear a heavy makeup for 8 hours right? Brush 3 stokes of Benetint on the apple of the cheeks, and blend it using your fingertips right after. Dap it on the lips as well and blend it to get a natural yet pinkish lips. 

High Beam creates a natural glow effect for your skin. It adds definition to your features and makes you look more attractive than usual!

Rockateur enhances the luminosity of the skin, delivers a rich and accurate colour payoff. The texture of the brush is soft and velvety, makes me love to use it more!

2. Dating Day Look

Simply sweep back and forth across the apple of your cheeks to achieve a natural-looking flush. Then, using high beam to apply 3 dots on the cheekbones and blend it evenly. Here you go, you can rock the look out with your date now! 

3. A Night Out Look

Finally it's time to party! Missing something? 

It's Ultra Plush Lip Gloss! How can you rock the night without having a fuller-looking lips? Glide lip gloss over Benetint and you're ready to rock the night away! 

This is how I rock 3 different styles by using ROCKitude! Have you got some ideas of how to rock it yet? Definitely the easiest way for me, I personally like ROCKitude as the rose gold colour creates a sexy show-stopping look.

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