Christmas Look with Ooh & Aah

Speaking of Christmas, I thought of glitter and gold. I love Christmas because I can dress up in my a fancy glitter dress and wear glitter shiny makeup! Yup, this is what I want for my Christmas! Ooh&Aah is always my choice to look for nice cosmetic products. I love shopping on their website because they carries a variety of Korean cosmetic brands that we could not find in Malaysia!

I have created a Christmas look by using these products which I've got from Ooh&Aah, going to show you the steps! Scroll down for more pictures! ;)

Ooh&Aah's Eglips and BBIA

The packaging of BBIA and EGLIPS are so adorable! By carrying it out I think it's already make my day!

First, I apply makeup base, as usual without foundation. Here I am using Shu Uemura's makeup base in beige tone. Then, by using EGLIPS Glow Powder Pact to enhance the radiance of my face, I only applied on T zone and under eyes. EGLIPS Glow Powder Pact is actually sebum controlling powder which contains shining pearl effect powder. It comes in peach pink color, suitable for all skin tone.

 My face is more radiant now. 

Eye Makeup

Then, continue my eyes makeup. 

1. Apply 06 according to the outline.
2. Apply 01 after that.

3. Apply 09 pigment according to the outline. Have to be extra careful when applying the pigment. Here I blend the pigment with Banila Co. CC cream so it will be sticky on the eyes. Try not to blend it because I wanna create a defined eyeshadow.
4. Apply 05 on the outline to create a defined eyes.

5. Apply 03 on under eye according to the outline.
6. Then, draw the outline according to the picture by using BBIA auto gel eyeliner in shimmer pink.

7. Draw an eyeliner by using BBIA auto gel eyeliner in brown. I like brown eyeliner because it is more natural.
8. Apply mascara on lower lashes and here I put falsies on upper lashes.

 Taadaaaa! Done with the eye makeup.

Here's the completed eye makeup.

Then, apply BBIA Downy Cheek on the cheek. It's cream type so easy to blend and create a radiant cheek.

Lippie makeup! Here I am using 3ce Fuchsia color to create a gradient lips. If you would like to achieve a gradation on lips, apply concealer on lips before applying the lipstick.

 Done with my Christmas makeup look!

Do you like it? 
Do let me know your opinion! :)

You may purchase these items from 
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They're having promotion and a lot of gift sets that you can choose from. Like the Holiday collection especially Espoir collection! BIG love! 

I hope you guys are well-prepared for the Christmas! 

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