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Favorite festival of all is just around the corner. Christmas is always a merry festival, movies are niceeee, food is niceeee, decos are niceeee..... Everything is just nice and lovely! I am glad that I have finished my last final year project, just in time for me to enjoy the festival to the fullest! Yay! Now I love to spend most of my time walking in the malls, because the malls are so CHRISTMASSY and their setting is so lovely! Christmas songs are playing constantly, "We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas...." Awwwww, feel so blessed being surrounded by Christmas songs!

This year, it would be a lil special to me. My girlfriends and I have decided to have a gift exchange session on Christmas! I believe most of ya'll also having gift exchange with the friends, gift exchange session should be fun and full of surprises! I didn't want to spoil it, so been looking for Christmas gifts around. Would love to share with you some of the Christmas's gift ideas too if you're still looking for it. Are you ready for the Christmas yet? :)

1. Makeup Gift Set

Shu Uemura's Christmas 2014 Collection 

Shu's Shupette Collection is definitely a toxicant to all girls. It was love at first sight, when I saw the collection, what's in my mind is "damn I'm gonna get it". I bet every girl would be the same! Every pieces of the collection is so pretty! Will blog about it soon by creating my own cat eyes' look! ;)


Newly launched on ooh&aah website, I love the packaging of Korean cosmetics, simple yet chic, perfectly for gift too! Its BBIA pigment creates a Christmas party look easily. Will be doing a makeup look by using this set! Stay tune on my Instagram (@chenellewen). Of course there are lots more cosmetics products are perfect for gift exchange, but for those who're getting online, do not wait till last minute only place order!

Urban Decay Vice3 

New 20 shades came out by Urban Decay is a must-get-item! From matte, satin, sparkle and even metallic, it matches any occasion according to your preference. So it's another good choice of gift too!

2. Watches 

Apart from makeup gift set, watch is another choice that can be given to friends or partners. Daniel Wellington is one of my favorite watches and the price is affordable too. They're having holiday promotion, check out their page.

3. Jewelry 

If your budget is higher, you could go for jewelry as a gift. Jewelry is always women's favorite. Lately, got to try on the new collection of Poh Kong's Christmas collection, it looks very elegant and simple.

 Am I look like a princess? haha! 

4. Christmas Dinner treat 

You could choose to treat your friend or partner a Christmas dinner as well if you really have no idea of what to buy. There are always a warm and joyful dinner during Christmas. 

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That's all my Christmas's gift ideas, so have you got something in your mind already? I can't wait to share with you how I celebrate my Christmas!


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  1. Shu Uemura's Christmas 2014 Collection is the cutest~ :3
    No girl can say no to kitty designs! C: