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It's been awhile since I last updated about food review. I know most of the people love to see food review because we always looking for a better cafe for brunch or high tea! I personally like to google search for a nice cafe or restaurant, lately I have found a nice and beautiful place for all day dining, The Bites Cafe which is located at Lake Fields, Sungai Besi, not only for brunch or high tea, it's a good place for dinner too!

The cafe is easy to get spotted, as the signboard itself is outstanding with yellow color. Lake Field is very new place to me as I have never been to this place, it's actually nearby Kuchai Lama there, and one thing I like is the parking can be found easily.

I love the ambiance of the cafe because it feels like a home, the setting of the interior is welcoming and warm. Every decoration of the cafe is cute British styled, I like it!

 Don't you think the cake is very tempting?
Spot my favorite Oreo cheesecake and baked cheese! 

Looking at the menu, even though it's only two pages, but the food selection is wide! Bites Cafe is a pork free cafe. The price of the food did actually pulled my attention, it was cheaper than the cafes that I usually dine in. Without further ado, let's start with the food pictures! 

Combination Juices (Honeydew + Carrot + Lemon) | RM8.90

Isn't it uniquely cute? I was told that must order their juices because of the cute glass. And I personally love juices, but you can still find nice coffee here for coffee lover. 

 Leek and Potato Soup | RM9.90

Not a fans of soup but this leek and potato soup is perfectly served especially in cold and rainy day, the vegetable soup is creamy and full of flavour. 

  Potatoes Salad | RM9.90

I love to have this potatoes salad as a starter though it's quite filling. I must say, their potatoes salad is good! Best to share it with friends or family! 

 Eggs Benedict | RM18.90

For Bites Cafe's breakfast menu, egg benedict is one of the breakfasts that would surely included. It's one of the hot and must-order-breakfast for most of the food lovers. It has two poached eggs served on top of the spinach, salmon and sauteed mushroom, indeed a scrumptious dish!

 The French | RM15.90 

Want some sweet and cheesy meal as your breakfast? The French is the best choice! I personally love french toast, surprisingly their french toast is different with the usual one, they added ham and melted cheese, with a sunny side up on the top of it. 

 Pancake Sandwich | RM16.90

Has anyone tried pancake sandwich before? Well, I tried it on that day! A sunny side up is a bonus for this dish.

 Breakfast Pancake | RM12.90

Breakfast pancake looks like the big breakfast that we usually order, but they switched the toast to pancake, which is kind of unique way of having a "big breakfast pancake". 

 Club Sandwich Waffle | RM12.90

Club Sandwich that we know is usually with bread, but this club sandwich they replaced the breads with waffles! Most of the dishes they replace the bread with waffle, and minimal sugar used for the waffles, so diet people you may eat it without worry! 

The filling is a a lot, I like it! 

 The Italian | RM14.90

I am surprised they serve frittata too! It's Italian dish that basically with enriched ingredients such as eggs, turkey ham, onions, spinach and cherry tomatoes. I am an egg lover, so anything with egg I love it! Ahh, it reminds me of Italy trip now! 

 Breakfast Pizza | RM13.90

I bet most of the people haven't try "breakfast pizza" before, did you? Thin crust pizza with beef bacon, baked beans, baby spinach, mushroom, cheese and a cheerful sunny side up, marvellous! 

 Garden Salad with Smoked Salmon | RM16.90

If you're a salad lover, you will love this dish! I love salad topped with smoked salmon, it's like a must-have! 

 Japanese Chicken Curry | RM14.90

I made Japanese curry with chicken katsu a day before I had this, I must say still the chef cooks the best! I love their Japanese Chicken Curry! 

 Grilled Salmon Fillet on Crispy Potato Cake with Sauteed Asparagus and Homemade Sauce | RM32.90

If I never eat so much, I think I would just finish this dish by my own. I love how they mixed asparagus with homemade sauce, and topped with scrumptious grilled salmon fillet, salmon fillet is well cooked. 

 Grilled Chicken Chop with Waffle | RM15.90

Another recommended dish! I was shocked by the price, seriously most of the dishes are worth more than the price, I can tell the boss is treating the guests very well. For any big eater like me, I could finish the whole plate! Grilled chicken and waffle are the main focuses. Not to forget, the fries are homemade too! 

 Berries and Banana Pancake | RM10.90

Dessert timeeeeeeeee! I personally like the caramelized banana but the berries compote is kind of too sweet to me, so I don't think there is a need for the syrup. 

 Dessert Waffles topped with Pandan Kaya Ice Cream/Gula Melaka Ice Cream | RM11.90

Dessert waffles served beautifully on the plate, topped with ice cream that actually came from "The Last Polka", which is famous of unique flavour of ice creams. They have Pandan Kaya ice cream and Gula Melaka ice cream and I personally like the pandan kaya one, which is not too sweet. Perhaps they should let us choose the ice cream flavour too? Haha

Apart from the nice food, Bites cafe has a small corner at the back of the cafe, which meansssss, photo time! It's a perfect corner for taking pictures, you know, nowadays people like to "Instagram" Hahaha! 

With all the beautiful ladies. 

What I like about The Bites Cafe?

1. The food provided mostly are delicious! I am surprise!

2. They use waffle on most of the menu instead of bread, and their waffles are homemade, fresh and minimal sugar used. Healthy diet is the trend now!

3. The price of the food menu are affordable and considered as cheap compared with normal cafes! The price of the food mostly are below RM20.

4. The Bites Cafe provide photo session for the guests, which is a very important thing for cafe nowadays!

For more information, check out
Instagram - @thebitescafe

Bites-Lake Fields
72 Jalan Tasik Utama 7,
Lake Fields Sg Besi,
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: +603 – 9055 4438

Business Hours:
Sunday to Thursday - 9am to 10pm
Friday - Saturday - 9am to 11pm

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