Enve Skin | I'm From Vitamin Tree Mask & Water Gel | Review

One thing that I always love to do is trying new products. It makes me discover more and more good products, and also can share my review to you guys. Gladly, I found out another brand new products which are imported from Korea, I'm From Vitamin Tree Mask + I'm From Vitamin Tree Water Gel. I got attracted by its name at the first place, and also it's Korea imported products! As you guys know Korea is famous of skin care products.

What's so special about I'm From Vitamin Tree Mask + I'm From Vitamin Tree Water Gel?

Everyone experiences stress occasionally,  especially in this stressful society now, work stress, society stress, family stress, etc. Moreover, the environment is being polluted and the weather is so unpredictable! One second ago is sunny, later on is pouring rain. So, STRESS + POLLUTION, how much more your skin need to take it? 

Vitamin Tree, also known as "Tree of Miracle", grows naturally in cold climate, or in sandy soils in extreme growing conditions. It contains 495 natural nutrients, 9 essential amino acids, minerals, polyphenol, organic acids and the likes, help to soothe the stressed skin against outer causes of sensitivity, and to boost the secretion of toxic wastes deep in the skin

Vitamin Tree has Higher content of Catechin than green tea leaf does. Widely known for the key ingredient of Green tea-s bitter taste is commonly called Tanin of Polyphenol; It is a potent antioxidant, more powerful than Vitamin C&E, which prevents the aging of skin and restores its vibrant radiance. Catechin is an excellent natural ingredient to detoxify stressed skin.

I'm from Vitamin Tree products' fresh Vitamin leaves direct-supplied exclusively from Byeong-Pung Village, Taebaek Mt., Korea

I like the simple packaging, simplicity is the best always. 

I'm from Vitamin Tree Water Gel (90g)
  • Hydrating, Nourishing, Whitening, Calming
  • Zero-Water Formula : Highly-contains 72.39% of Vitamin Leaf Tea from TAEBAEK Mountains
  • Main ingredients : Vitamin leaf tea(72.39%), Vitamin berries and flower

The texture is gel type, hence it will not cause stickiness. 

I'm from Vitamin Tree Mask (110g)
  • Detoxifying, Nourishing, Rich Vitamins, Purifying, Brightening, Hydrating
  • Contains 661 leaves of Fresh Vitamin Tree
  • Zero-Water Formula : Highly-contains 50.46% of Vitamin Leaf Tea and 11.5% of Vitamin leaves from TAEBAEK Mountains
  • Main ingredients : Vitamin leaf tea(50.46%), Vitamin berries & flowers, Vitamin leaves

The texture is concentrate as it is a mask. 
Though the smell is unpleasant, it is fragrance-free but I kind of like it.

Trying out the mask before bedtime. I usually do mask between 11pm to 2am, as it is the best time to absorb and perform the ultimate result. 

After mask time, apply toner then Water Gel. I really like the water gel because it leaves 0% stickiness. 

The result, total naked face. 

I feel comfortable as I can go to bed right after the application. 
And I notice my face is still glowing on the next day. 
That's why I always say, moisturizing is the most important part! 

I'm From Vitamin Tree Mask (110g) is selling at RM 128
I'm From Vitamin Tree Water Gel (75g) is selling at RM 98

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