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Finally I spared my time to visit ME Aesthetic Clinic for consultation, who doesn't want to be prettier? Nowadays many people are able to accept non-surgical cosmetic procedures, as it achieve the ideal appearance, enhance and preserve natural beauty without undergoing major surgery and lowest risk. So why I choose ME Aesthetic Clinic? ME Aesthetic Clinic is a one stop clinic which provides different facilities services, and I must admit that the doctors and the staffs there are very professional and friendly. I've been introduced to Doctor Eric, during our consultation, he explained in detail my questions and what are my major problems. I really love their friendly services! 

Doctor Eric suggested me to do Q-Switched Laser because he saw some freckles on my undereye. I was surprised that he suggested for laser, what I thought was, laser is only for acne scarring and I don't think I need laser. My freckles are still fine and tiny, hardly to be seen, and you know, freckles are cute. haha! Apparently, I was so wrong! Doctor Eric told me that overtime when we grow older, freckles will become more visible and darker, which is really not cute anymore. And also, Q-Switched Laser can be used to treat for freckles, also for uneven skin tone, firming, brown spots, tattoo removal and so on. Ooopsss....

The consultation was very grateful and detailed. So I went for my first ever skin laser few days later. 

 Laser machine 

I know a lot of people think that I have a good skin and there is no need to do laser, my friends were shocked when they got to know that I did laser. Apparently, everyone is having the same thought, that bad skin only goes for laser. To be honest, I am really proud of my skin, at least I do not need to put on foundation, which I think it harms skin. But, I have uneven skin tone and some freckles started growing on my undereye. Freckles especially appear more visibly on fairer skin. I am not young anymore, maintaining a good skin is important to prevent the aging symptoms. 

I was led to a treatment room by lovely girl, Vivian. She cleansed my face before the laser. 

Then, Vivian applied the numb cream on my face. I was doing the laser for freckles as well as uneven skin tone. 

Later on, Doctor Eric came in and performed the Q-Switched Laser. Before that, doctor told me the symptoms that may occur after the laser, he told me there would be few mosquito-bitten-alike-marks on my face for around a week depending on the skin condition. And he told me I might experience some irritation during the laser treatment. I was kind of nervous because what he said did scared me off. Surprisingly, there was no irritation at all during the laser treatment! I barely feel anything while he was doing it. Doctor you are exaggerating it! lol 

After the laser treatment, Vivian led me to another room for LED light mask, which is mainly for anti-aging and rejuvenation. 

 I become iron lady now! The signature must-do-mask! haha

Based on the symptoms that might occur after skin laser, I have nothing. My face is totally fine even right after skin laser. Sorry that I didn't take a quality shot, but here's the picture right after I did laser on the same day. I have only some black dots on my undereye. 

This is the picture taken after two days, without any makeup. Can you see anything on my face?

I am so glad that I met a professional team in ME Aesthetic Clinic. They really did well throughout the consultation to after treatment. 

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I've also did other treatments, stay tune for my next post! ;)

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