Sonny Angel Easter Series

This post has been overdue for quite a long time, finally got my pictures done! Couple of months ago received my first Sonny Angel series from Angie, she was a lovely girl, she gave me lots of information about Sonny Angel. At first I was kind of curious about this little Angel, saw a lot of people posted on Instagram. Even though I didn't know about it but I felt happy when I saw it! it's a hit now! Thanks to Angie, I'm glad that I have my own Sonny Angel series too and it's limited edition of Sonny Angel Easter series

What Is Sonny Angel?

Sonny Angel is a cute boy with headgear. He doesn’t talk to you, but Sonny Angel makes you smile, makes you happy, makes your daily life bit more delightful. As your tiny friend, Sonny Angel is always by your side, to protect you, give you comfort, and make you smile… that is Sonny Angel’s mission.

There are 8 different kinds of signature Sonny Angel series, but Sonny Angel does come out many limited edition series for different festival or season such as Christmas series or Halloween series. 

8 Different Signature Sonny Angel Series

  1. Animal Series 1
  2. Animal Series 2
  3. Animal Series 3
  4. Animal Series 4
  5. Vegetable Series
  6. Fruit Series
  7. Marine Series 
  8. Flower Series 

Usually signature series has 12 Sonny Angel, Easter limited edition series has only 6 Sonny Angel. But when I saw the pictures that she showed me, I've already fond of this series! What surprised me was, when I received the Sonny Angel series, it was actually in 6 packages. Angie told me it was actually a blind package, which you do not know what one you will get first till you open the packaging. Sounds interesting isn't it? Blind box idea makes the Sonny Angel becomes more interesting and exciting in the process of unboxing it! 

Wonder which Sonny Angel I got first?

It's Rabbit White Chocolate! So adorable! 

I've unboxed all the angels! Everyone of them are so adorable!

3 Rabbit Chocolate Angels even have their rabbit tails behind! Awww!

Koala Bitter Chocolate, Cock Strawberry Chocolate, Elephant White Chocolate

Rabbit Milk Chocolate, Rabbit Strawberry Chocolate, Rabbit White Chocolate

Someone blends into the flower..

Spotted Rabbit White Chocolate haha!


I even bought another two animal series Sonny Angel haha! Food picture becomes more vivid with Sonny Angel in it. 

The new upcoming series of Halloween 2014 is so tempting! So adorable I wanna get one series too!

For those who're interested, you may contact Angie for more information. 

WeChat ID: angie_hng
Whatsapp: +60164448544
Instagram: angie_hng96

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