Laura Mercier Fall 2014 Sensual Reflections

Glad to be invited to the Laura Mercier Fall 2014 bloggers' event couple of weeks ago. Was a lil surprised and excited when I received the email from the team as Laura Mercier always is my favourite and I've been using their concealer for years. I've switched several brands before, yet choose back Laura Mercier's in the end. I am a loyal fans! 

The event was held at The Point Bar N Dining Room, Damansara Heights. It was a lovely place, luxurious interior and abundant high-tea. 

Interesting surprise that made by the team! Love how they interpret the words by reflecting it on the mirror, "Follow your dream; For as you dream, so shall you become", creative enough! 

Laura Mercier's cosmetic cookies were so adorable! 

They are introducing the new fall collection of Laura Mercier, which you can see, eyeliners, eyeshadows, blusher and lipsticks. There are different unique colors for the eyeliners which you would never think of buying it. Trust me, once you try it, you will love it! I personally love the blue eyeliner, it enlarges the eyes and green color is a good choice too! 

Make-up artist is showing us the new look of using the collection. 

Lovely outcome! I love the eye make-up! 

Thanks for the lovely gifts by Laura Mercier team! 

Dress - EZRA by Zalora | Heels - EZRA Basics by Zalora | Bag - Balenciaga Giant City

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