Chanel Les 4 Ombres | 228 Tisse Cambon

Remember when people ask me, why Chenelle? Is it because I love Chanel so much so I named myself after it? Or because I love branded? I guess no one would get it right, I had this name since I was 15 years old, by one of my dearest friend, where I had no idea what actually Chanel is and the existence of it. But, when I got to know Chanel, I once thought of changing my name because there were a lot of people who actually made fun of it. Now, after a deep thought, I decided to against it, we can't stop from what people think. After all, I shall be proud if you ever think of me when you see Chanel, not a bad thing! :)

So yeah, I love Chanel, from cosmetics to leather goods, you can tell that it already has a strong and remarkable branding that everyone would love to own it. Chanel Les 4 Ombres has came out with a new range of colors, including 8 new colors in 2014. Each palette has 4 different colors, you can actually use it separately or mix together, create various types of looks. All colors are wonderful and unique especially Tisse Venitien (232). What I have chosen for myself is Tisse Cambon (228), I choose this because it looks pretty at the first sight! 

From Iridescent mauve, Bluish pale pink, Blackcurrant velvet and Intense pink.
Every color looks gorgeous and luminous.

Not gonna show you the tutorial, just a quick short post on how it looks like on my eyes. Promise I will do another makeup tutorial! ;)

I apply pale pink as highlight on both eyes, then put on mauve on eyelid, because it creates metallic effect, so the eyes look bigger and shinier. Then I apply velvet on my outer lid and outer crease, to create a pair of deep-set eyes. Apply the intense pink on middle lid. 

There are a lot of ways to create different effects

 I don't fancy heavy make-up, so this look is fine and feminine. 
It creates a mysterious yet sweet look.
Love it! 

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