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People who are living in the busy city nowadays would prefer home care more than going out to the saloon and pay for the service. Like myself, I have never do facial for years, not that I do not like to, but I would prefer to have a home care service by myself and I enjoy the process! Not sure if anyone has the same thought as me, I feel happy when I pamper my skin or body by using a nice home care products, while listen to relaxing music. Panasonic beauty products is just what I want! Stylish in design and innovative in Panasonic's nanoe technology. 

Last Thursday was a fun day, because Panasonic Beauty Malaysia has organized a beauty cafe experience for us. I have attended their event last time and it was fun! Glad that I could join them again and experienced the joy, Panasonic knows the needs of women, they showcased their latest range of beauty and grooming products, while covering 4 different areas from Hair Care, Face Care, Body Care, and Mobile Beauty, from head to toe, how sweet of them! The event was located at The Library Cafe, Nexus Bangsar South. 

Before discovering the stations set by Panasonic Beauty Malaysia, Mr Yosuke Matsunaga, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia, was there to give a speech. 

So here I start my beauty journey! 

Body Care

A pretty lady was there to demonstrate the usage of Panasonic Epilators. I like the epilators because it could used on dry or wet skin, so convenient! 

Face Care

The face steamer is very useful for deep cleansing, makeup slides off easily with the steam and cleanser. I personally own one and I am still using it!

 The beautician was demonstrating the removal of eyeliners using steam on Jacs' hand. 

Hair Care

My favorite station goes to this! I am one of the girls who couldn't live without hair dryer and hair stylers! So the quality of hair products are very important for me. 

Can you see the two hair dryers on the table? It's new 2000w Hair Dryer of Panasonic, model EH-ND62VP (pink | RM129) and EH-ND61K (black | RM99). What so special about this hair dryer is the compact design yet boast 2000W of high pressure air which allows quick drying. The hair dryer is not bulky as the salon used one but the function is the same! I actually always carry my hair dryer for travel because I hate hotel's hair dryer, it takes forever to dry my hair! So gonna get one for myself now! 

 Chanwon photobombed haha!

  I like this hairstylist, he's explaining to me how to style my flat hair.

And he's funny haha! Jacs photobombed too! 

Tadaa! So wavy and looks voluminous now! 

Mobile Beauty Care

Mobile Beauty range has different kinds of "on-the-go" tools such as portable shavers, eyelash curler, nail care products and portable toothbrush. Because there were too crowded at this station, so I just grab some pictures and listened to the explanation of the beautician of every product. 

Finished all the stations! 

Apart from those beauty and grooming products, some of the products which will be soon launched in Malaysia were revealed on that day too! I can honestly tell you I love every of the new product! Such as Scalp Massager, Eye Warming Massager, Thermal Esthetic Roller, Oral Irrigator and Rechargeable Toothbrush

 Thermal Esthetic Roller
It works magically that it heats up and used to roll on any part of the body. 
Particularly on face, for face slimming. 

 The roller comes in different heads! 

Chanwon with the Eye Warming Massager.
I love this because I have tired eyes, and it's good for fatigue eyes! 

 Jacs the hot mama

 Careen the lovely wifey

Group photo of the dearies
So happy that we always can see each other :)

Thanks Blup Blup and Panasonic Beauty Malaysia for the invites! I had fun! 

 Outfit of the day
Top/Bottom/Shoes - Editor's market
Bag - Balenciaga giant city 

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