Review: Shekhinah Serum | Stem Cell Renewal Serum & Diamond Renewal Serum

Is anyone having a bad skin because of the water rationing in Klang Valley? Apparently rain doesn't help because the water rationing still go on and majority citizens have to suffer the foul water problem. Not sure if you're having same problem with me, my skin looked duller and got redness easily during the water rationing. Fortunately, Shekhinah Serum arrived on time. Before receiving the product, I googled search and found out the benefits of the products, couldn't wait to try the product! I personally like the serums very much and would like to share with you guys! 

Shekhinah serum comes in two types, one is Stem Cell Renewal Serum, another one is Diamond Renewal Serum. There are 10 bottles (3.5ml) in a box. 

Do not underestimate the power of these small bottles, it actually contains multiple benefits. 

What is Shekhinah Stem Cell Renewal Serum?
Formulated with Apple Stem Cell Extract, a blend of amino acids and 2 different peptides for maximum results.  These ingredients combat chronological aging by activating skin's own stem cells to promote cells growth and collagen synthesis, the appearance of fine lines is reduced and the skin looks younger. 

What is Shekhinah Diamond Renewal Serum?
Enriched with pure micronized diamond powder to improve skin complexion and provide radiance by stimulating skin microcirculation.  Formulated with a special blend of hydrating and protective active ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, beta glucan and cactus extract; it delivers hydration, anti-oxidant protection, and soothing benefit for radiant and supple skin.

What are the benefits?

Shekhinah Stem Cell Renewal Serum

> 3 in 1 miracle serum, anti-aging, moisturizing, whitening
Smoothen and soften skin
Repair all type of skin allergies, redness, sun damage 
Provide an anti-wrinkle effect
Reduce wrinkle and freckles 
> Combat chronological aging
Improve Rehydration of dry skin 
> Reduction of acne scars, stretch mark, rashes
> Repair large pores skin
> Restore cell activity and increase skin elasticity 
> Activation and protect longevity of skin stem cells  

> Oil control on facial skin 

Shekhinah Diamond Renewal Serum

Improve Rehydration of dry skin 
Smoothen and soften skin
Increase face radiant and look younger 
Increase brightness of skin and skin whitening  
Increase glowing look on face  
Skin rejuvenation effects 
> Improve skin transparency
> Oil control on facial skin 

Never thought these small serums have such powerful benefits right?

Here's the step on how to open the cap. 

I have been using both serums and finished four bottles already. Here is my review for the product. 

My bare face after applying the serums

For my face, I usually apply 6 drops because my face is big! :/
Usually 3-6 drops is recommended, depends on your face.


  1. Wash your face with cleanser.
  2. Apply toner or lotion.
  3. Apply Shekhinah Stem Cell Renewal Serum (3-6 drops), massage in circular motion untill it is fully absorbed.
  4. Then, apply Shekhinah Diamond Renewal Serum (3-6 drops), same as step 3. 
  5. Apply sunblock or makeup after that. 

My genuine review, I noticed my skin becomes more radiant and more hydrated. Also I noticed it's easier to apply sunblock now, and also my bare face looks more presentable. Use the combination serums at day and night can get a better result. I'm super in love with my skin now! *love*

With makeup
I think there is no more reason for me to get a foundation now! 
My skin is glowing like a diamond! 

Shekhinah Stem Cell Renewal Serum and Diamond Renewal Serum are selling at RM169.00 per box (10bottles)

Now you can get it at Agape Boutique, 

*every review is genuine and tested on my own*

What's your opinion?

  1. Is it really work??? I have serious acne... i want glowing skin like you...

  2. eyray - yes dear, it depends on personal skin condition though. please enquiry from agape boutique yourself better :D